Two Moniker/Snapnames Auctions to Watch Before Christmas

There are two big auctions that start this week at Snapnames.  Opening for bidding today is the Premium Year End Auction Auction which features 55 premium names of which all but three are .com.  The 1 to 4 Character/ 1 Word ccTLDs Auction opens for bidding tomorrow and has 172 short and one word domains.  The domains in this auction are majority .com/.net however there are a few .tv and other ccTLD’s sprinkled in to the mix.

The Premium Year End Auction auction has some great names with reasonable reserve ranges (rr).  I particularly like ($5k – $10k rr), ($25k – $50k rr), ($2.5k – $5k rr), ($2.5k – $5k rr), ($10k – $25k rr) and ($1k – $2.5k rr).  This auction also features several names in the low to mid six figure reserve ranges including, and  Not sure we’ll see a six figure sale from this lot at this time of year but Moniker never ceases to amaze me with some of their sales so I’m holding out hope!

The 1 to 4 Character/One Word ccTLDs Auction is quite interesting.  There are a lot of three character and four letter .com names in this auction with smaller or even no reserves.  Some of the better names in this auction that I see are,,,,,, and  Since this auction is labeled with the word ‘ccTLDs’, I was expecting to see more than ten ccTLD names when I opened the catalog.  Of those ten ccTLD names, six are .tv’s.  Another interesting thing I noticed in this auction is the three letter .com domain, one of only a handful of in the list has a reserve range of only $250-$500.   Another couple names I really like in this auction are,,, and

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  • I always enjoy reading your blogs and tweets. Do you look at all the domain name auctions as they come up? I’ve been looking at namepros auction for the first time. I particularly like **** Somebody really lucky will end up with that one! It’s amazing the gems that can be found at these auctions!
    I agree with you on the names you like – is a winner!

  • Mike,

    Thanks for the heads up on these upcoming auctions. Definitely some great names listed that I’ll be keeping my eye on. I too like the chances of these ones:,,

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