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“I am selling my .coms and buying .tv. Not even looking anywhere else, because the window of opportunity is closing real fast on good .tv.”  This was a quote from Jim Holleran a well respected domainer in a comment on a wildly popular blog post that Elliot Silver posted the other day “Recent Purchases… How About You?”  I have to say I am feeling the same way as Jim, bigger players in the domain space are starting to understand that .TV is the one extension that is viable for development and branding at all levels.

The Playboy.tv launch is a big story surrounding .TV this week.  Michael Berkens broke the story on Wednesday to the domain industry.  This is huge and Playboy did it right.  Like MLB.tv, this site is a pay for access TV Channel. This is what I envision .TV sites to look like!  Maybe my favorite part of the site – the quote on the Playboy.tv website describing why they chose .tv:

Welcome to Playboy.tv: Why dot tv and not dot com? Because this is not just any website — this is a full-on TV experience with the best HD video available online. Watch full HD episodes, get access to tons of exclusive shows, browse the Playboy TV archives and see hot Playboy girls playing, partying and getting wild. Members get hours of video to watch anywhere, anytime, on any device…even your iPad, iPhone or Android phone.

Not as many .TV sales were disclosed this week but there are a few interesting ones to highlight.  Niko Younts has flipped two .tv hand regs for big returns with SavannahNews.tv selling in the $xx,xxx range and SavannahRealEstate.tv returning $5,000.  Kevin Tidwell, the founder and moderator at AllThings.tv verified these sales. Meanwhile, Kayaks.tv headed upstream with a $755 sale and FreeLiveCams.tv recorded a $500 sale at Sedo.  Also at Sedo the two letter domain XQ.tv is in auction and currently only at $660 with less than a day remaining as I write this scheduled post.

Samit Madan just published a good post Dot TV makes a mark at SnapNames/Moniker Domain Auction Showcase that talks about the upcoming SnapNames/Moniker 1 to 4 Character/ 1 Word ccTLDs Showcase Domain Auction that will be going on December 14th – 21st.  One of his domains Munich.tv is one of only ten ccTLD domains in the entire auction.  Of those ten ccTLD’s six are .TV names.  The other .TV domains in this auction are: Attorneys.tv, BailBond.tv, Bargains.tv, Lawyers.tv and Rewards.tv.

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