What Types of Names Get Offers? Learn From the Best..

In case you haven’t noticed yet, three top domainers in the world (who are also bloggers in their own right) have started sharing lists of domains that they receive offers for.  Whether you find these lists of any value is up to you but I think they are a great source of information, especially for those who are investing in domain names to hold in hopes of reselling at some point to an end-user.

A few things to note about the domain names in these lists:

* 99% are .COM
* Most of these names are high quality and AGED one or two word or LLL/NNN names
* These are not names that have been traded from domainer to domainer for the last several years

Frank Schilling and his company Name Administration have lately added the ‘Recent Action‘ section to the Seven Mile domain blog.  According to this outlet, Frank is receiving offers on WELL over 100 domain names each day, check out the lists for yourself, it’s almost mind blowing the amount of offers received – even though his portfolio does consist of hundreds of thousands of domains.

Michael Berkens of World Wide Media Inc and Most Wanted Domains has also began disclosing a wealth of information including recent sales, recently rejected offers and monthly reports of offers above $2,500.  Find all of this information HERE.

The self proclaimed ‘Domain King’ Rick Schwartz, founder of eRealEstate.com has also started to share domains that he receives offers for as displayed in a recent blog post on RicksBlog.com.

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  • there is nothing mind blowing about the offers frank or anyone else recieves.375k divided by 100 is one offer for every 3750 domains.
    the lesson learned here is law of growth

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