Snapnames .TV Auction Ending Today

Edit – auction ended, unofficial results HERE.

Snapnames .TV Mashable SxSW Auction is ending today in approximately 5 hours.  In this .TV auction there are 99 two letter .TV domains up for grabs, all of which have met their reserve and WILL sell.  In the auction mix there are several two number and two character .tv names, three letter words as well as a few longer generic keywords.  There are some big opportunities for .TV investors and many .TV investors will probably be a little discouraged by the sales that occur in today’s auction.

There are many LL.tv names that still have one or two bids and remain under $400. Flooding the market with all of these liquid .tv names in one auction will definitely not turn out to be the best way to maximize sales prices by the registry, but, opportunistic domainers will catch some bargains and if they have enough capital to scoop up some .tv names from this auction AND make all of their renewals for the domains they purchased at this same time last year they will probably be ok.  I predict by the end of the summer, many of these LL.tv domains that are sold today will be flipped for a nice chunk of change.  Those that bought super generic keyword names in this auction will be happy they did as .tv names will surge in late 2011 and 2012.

Three of the highest bids at the time of this post belong to LL.tv names: gg.tv $4600, mr.tv $3600 and hi.tv $3,200.  Stocks.tv and streaming.tv are also up there with $2,500 bids each but reserves not yet met. A few notable names without bids and their reserve range are scores.tv $2500 – $5000, llc.tv $501 – $1,000,  lawyers.tv $10,000 – $25,000, cycle.tv $2500 – $5000

It’s tough to try and single out a name that I think will sell for the highest amount.  I feel it will probably be a two letter name that a couple bidders go after maybe something like ee.tv, tt.tv, fm.tv.  I hope to see a couple names crack the $10k mark, we’ll see.   Good luck bidding!

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  • Unfortunately nowhere they inform about the renewal prices, when one know it may cost few thousands dollars to renew a premium .TV, the auction scares!

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