Why should you get involved in ISOC?

As a domainer and/or web developer you should be very interested in how the future of the Internet is being shaped.  The Internet Society (ISOC) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide leadership in Internet related standards, education and policy.   This includes involvement in many different initiatives, changes to Internet infrastructure, sharing and storage of information as well as organization and support in many different symposiums and conferences.  From the Internet Society (www.isoc.org) website:

The Internet Society provides leadership in addressing issues that confront the future of the Internet, serves as the organizational home for the groups responsible for Internet infrastructure standards, acts as a global clearinghouse for Internet information and education, and facilitates and coordinates Internet-related initiatives around the world focused on enabling access, building InterNetWorks, and ensuring trust and identity.

You should know that there are existing ISOC chapters around the world that you can join. I found a local chapter that I am now a member of and look forward to attending my first meetup with this group next week.  It’s surprising to see that the Colorado chapter is one of the few chapters in the United States.  I expect to see more of U.S. chapters being formed in the near future as more and more people are starting to believe just because we live in America, it doesn’t mean our Internet rights will always be free unless we organize and fight to keep them that way.  Here is a map that denotes all of the worldwide chapters, join up and spend some time to volunteer and get involved in the future of the Internet and ultimately your business!

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