Domain Holdings Forges Strategic Partnership Between Zappy’s and Northwest Territorial Mint

Domain Holdings just announced that they have assisted in creating a new partnership between registrant, Michael Zapolin and Northwest Territorial Mint, a leading silver investment company.  It looks like Domain Holdings not only helped create the partnership but designed the new website which features real time market value widget as well as updated news feeds about silver, one of the hottest investment precious metals .  From blog:

Domain Holdings has announced that it helped to create a strategic alliance between and Northwest Territorial Mint, the leading silver investment company, as prices of silver soar to a 31-year high.

Domain Holdings assisted internet entrepreneur and strategic partner Mike Zapolin and his team to form a partnership with the leading silver investment firm. Zapolin and Domain Holdings built from a parked domain name into a global resource for silver information, with tens of thousands of visitors each month. Zapolin’s group acquired the domain brand based on his conviction that silver prices were going to rise.

“When we bought the domain name, we recognized that silver was an up-and-coming metal,” Zapolin said. “It was trading for around $17 per ounce when we launched, and today, just over a year later, ounces are trading at record highs of over $44.

“Investors have woken up to the fact that silver has so many industrial uses, that there’s a deficit of silver in the world, and as people continue to lose faith in paper money, silver will be one of the big winners!”

The strategic alliance allows Northwest Territorial Mint to reach consumers while maximizing the credibility of the brand, as well as’s strong traffic. The current site, created by Zapolin and Domain Holdings, was built to be scalable enough to support the growth of a partner like Northwest Territorial Mint, a company the two parties researched heavily prior to the deal.

“We had conversations with all of the top-level players in the industry, and Northwest Territorial Mint was the perfect partner,” Domain Holdings co-founder John Ferber said. “Northwest Territorial Mint is leading edge in the industry, passionate about its business, and confident in the opportunities that have yet to be presented in the silver market.”

Prior to the deal with Northwest Territorial Mint, Domain Holdings helped develop Utilizing its in-house web design and development resources and original content management services, Domain Holdings produced an SEO-ready, informative destination. Features for the site include a widget to track silver’s real-time market value and updated industry news to educate users interested in investing in the precious metal.

“Identifying and building a site is an important complement to the real value of the domain process, which is developing strong partnerships with companies that are passionate about that specific vertical,” Zapolin said.

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