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namepros logoThere’s a live auction going on today in the forum chat room starting at 5PM EST.  You do not have to be present for the auction to bid, you can proxy bid using the auction queue (see links below).

Since the start of this year, NamePros has been running bi-weekly live auctions which have produced over $12,300 in domain sales.  This is not a big number, heck, many auction houses produce single sales in the six or seven figure range.  However, for those looking to buy and sell domains at reseller prices, the NamePros chat room auction is a good place to offload some domains or find a bargain.  In the queue this week I see a few good four letter .com, two word .com and a couple interesting ccTLD’s.

Live Auction Queue : Domains that will be featured in the live auction

Silent Auction Queue : Domains that have not yet qualified for the live auction

Full list : List all lots in this auction (very long)

* I have not listed any lots in this auction

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