ccTLD Roundup, May 2011 & ccTLD.com Sells for $10k

May was an extremely active month for ccTLD sales. Unless otherwise indicated all of the sales in the report below come from Sedo.com. .CO was the biggest selling TLD by far with two trios of names that sold for well into the six figure range. Internet, business and movie .co all sold for five figures. The other .co trio was comprised of alcohol related names brandy, whisky and gin .co were all sold in May as well.

Sedo also reports the sale of ccTLD.com which is currently in transfer service under Sedo’s account name – looking at the list of ccTLD sales below could suggest the $10k price tag was a bargain. As usual .de and .co.uk comprised a large percentage of the ccTLD roundup reported sales.

Also, becoming a mainstay on the roundup is the .eu extension. One words such as restore, dictionary, wholesale .eu names all sold in May. A few .US sales were reported last month led by DataRecovery.us for $5k. There were also 13 single character .cm names that recently sold on Sedo for a total of over $42k, that’s an average of over $3,200 per single character .cm name.

ifast.co.uk 4,421 USD
vitamintabletten.ch 1,850 EUR
huis.nu 2,000 EUR
energiemakler.de 6,000 EUR
regiodeal.de 4,650 EUR
shawbrook.co.uk 5,000 GBP
television.de 4,621 USD
ira.co 4,550 USD
fck.me 3,000 USD
fahrzeugankauf.de 1,750 EUR
arguide.co 500 USD
wholesale.eu 10,521 USD BlixemInternet
lookbook.fr 6,000 EUR
localestate.co.uk 1,630 USD
iname.us 1,050 USD
cookware.us 1,600 USD
myjoker.de 1,000 EUR
reconnection-praxis.de 1,428 EUR
global24.nl 1,500 EUR
experts-exchange.de 1,500 USD
regiodeal.de 4,650 EUR
jug.co.uk 1,360 USD
ticketstar.de 1,500 EUR
greentoys.co.uk 2,000 GBP
fashion.nu 3,500 USD
maxcolchon.es 1,200 EUR
schuhmode24.de 1,250 EUR
dictionary.eu 3,022 EUR
birus.nl 5,001 EUR
zynga.es 6,000 EUR
torrentdownloads.me 3,000 USD
domo.ch 1,400 USD
networks.ca 3,000 USD
purchase.it 2,380 USD
v.cr 3,000 USD DomainLore.co.uk
m24.eu 2,380 USD DomainLore.co.uk
fub.eu 1,750 EUR
lookbook.fr 6,000 EUR
globish.de 2,000 EUR
ht.ht 1,050 EUR
huis.nu 2,000 EUR
restore.eu 2,500 EUR
it.cc 15,000     USD
smo.co.uk 9,780 USD
artikel.nl 9,590 USD BlixemInternet
adopt.co.uk 5,868 USD DomainLore.co.uk
holland.co 9,000 EUR
storyboard.de 8,000 EUR
vanrental.co.uk 6,220 GBP
beat.fm 8,500 USD
doldersum.nl 5,950 EUR BlixemInternet
datarecovery.us 5,000 USD
dixie.co.in 1,400 USD
salute.me 1,250 USD
retweet.co.uk 3,342 USD DomainLore.co.uk
de.mg 1,120 USD
reel.us 500 USD

business.co 80,000 USD
internet.co 40,000 USD
movie.co 12,000 USD

whiskey.co 10,000 EUR
brandy.co 6,000 EUR
gin.co 5,000 EUR

t.cm 7,600 USD
9.cm 2,002 USD
f.cm 3,250 USD
x.cm 5,101 USD
2.cm 2,352 USD
8.cm 4,901 USD
m.cm 3,200 USD
u.cm 1,700 USD
v.cm 2,030 USD
y.cm 3,101 USD
2.cm 2,352 USD
6.cm 1,852 USD
w.cm 2,450 USD

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