Have You Visited Domainsville Yet?

domainsville logo is a new domain industry blog and news aggregator that launched last week.  Abdu Tarabichi, an entrepreneur and domain investor from North Carolina is the founder of Domainsville Inc.   Abdu, was a speaker at the Rocky Mountain Domain Conference and just one of his other projects is Domain Name Knowledgebase.

So, what is the difference between Domainsville and the other domain industry news aggregators? There are many. To start, beyond the core domain industry bloggers (elliotsblog, dnw, thedomains, domainshane, domainincite, etc) there are many more industry resources included in the Domainsville blog and news aggregator including what looks like almost every registrar and company in the domain industry that has an active blog.  Before visiting Domainsville, I never knew many of these blogs even existed!

The overall design of Domainsville is clean and very user friendly. One nice feature is that the widgets on the site can be moved or removed if you have signed up for an account. Members can change the way their homepage looks simply by dragging and dropping widgets. Other advantages to signing up for an account are that you can add/block article sources, save your dashboard customizations, add/edit promo code vendors and much more.

The sidebar widgets on Domainsville provide great information on what’s going on in the industry. My favorites are the ‘Upcoming Events’ widget which lists all of the upcoming domain industry events. Also, the ‘Promo Codes’ widget is handy as it provides all of the up to date promo codes for many different registrars. Now this is really cool, it looks like Domainsville is offering to make custom widgets for potential advertisers. To me this would be a game changer for aggregators, maybe I’m behind the times but I haven’t heard of this kind of advertising yet.

Domainsville is still in BETA and according to Domainsville Inc. blog, there are many more features in the works.  I think this is a great domain industry tool, it’s definitely not ‘just another’ blog aggregator.   As the name implies, the vision is that it is the ‘City For Everything Domains’.  From the About Us page:

Themed to reflect what you’d find in an actual city, will provide important notices and advisory to the community. Attractives – including contests – will entertain residents of the city. We’re also hosting reviews and recommendations of service providers. Feedback from our research polls will help make Domainsville a better city for everyone!

Congrats to Abdu and Domainsville Inc. on a launching this great new industry tool.

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  • Thanks for the write-up Michael! I am glad you found the site handy for your domain-related needs. Many improvements are underway and we have tons of features in the works. Stay tuned for many more unique features!

    Thanks again.


  • @Abdu – You’re welcome! Looking forward to seeing how Domainsville evolves.

    One thing I forgot to mention about Domainsville is the comprehensive directory that has been built: Here, you can find just about anything you are looking for related to domain names.

  • I noticed that this blog post was pulled from feed shortly after it was posted. Competition is definitely heating up in the industry.
    Good luck Abdu and I wish you the best of success.

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