News Brings Daily Deals to Dudes

Mike ‘Zappy’ Zapolin recently launched another website on a premium one word .com from his portfolio. This time it’s – a new daily deals website tailored specifically for men. works with retailers to put together excellent deals on things like sporting event tickets, electronics, car racing and outdoor gear to name a few things.

This is an interesting way to brand the domain name. currently services 20 cities (as well as a nationwide daily deal). While I think that daily deal sites are popping up a dime a dozen, I do believe there is some good potential with this brand, mostly because of the opportunity provided by the ultra premium one word .com domain name. The concept is cool and guys will spend on a site like this if they know it exists, so creative and aggressive marketing will be key to growing the site.

Just a couple months ago Zappy co-launched in a partnership deal with Northwest Territorial Mint.  I enjoy watching a guy with such a premium portfolio building brands with some of these great .coms.  Since his $7 million sale, Zappy has since shifted his business prowess into high gear, at a point where many may have just rode off into the sunset.

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  • If you don’t have an idea what business to start, just start daily deals business. It is getting ridiculous, I live in the country with population of less than 3 million and there is 11 daily deal providers and few are already changed hands and few went bankrupt and some new born. Only 2 of them have a profitable business

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