Godaddy Gets Great Exposure by Sponsoring WSOP

As reported a couple weeks ago at, is one of the top sponsors of this years World Series of Poker. Being a poker player and fan of poker, I’ve been following the Main Event and portions of the tournament are being streamed live for the first time ever on ESPN2 (actually on as I write this).

Godaddy’s advertisement is located in the middle of the table, directly below where the dealers lays down ‘flop’ or the first three community cards. Most hands on TV go to showdown so fans of the WSOP also see the prominent Godaddy logo on the table on the table on the ‘turn’ and ‘river’. That’s around three or four times, each hand during the WSOP three hour telecasts that air twice a day through tomorrow.

This is really great exposure because people watching the show are paying the most attention when the cards come down on the the table. It’s day 6 right now and at least one more three hour telecast will air tomorrow. I really like the creative marketing by Godaddy here. I know this may have been said already but it’s the target market too. Poker players, many of which have a lot of money, and or aspire to be entrepreneurs.

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