.TV Spotlight Post #18

.TV sales continue to pile up through the summer. Just a few worth mentioning that have been reported in recent weeks:

How.tv, $11,000
Location.tv $8,146
Say.tv $5,000
Munich.tv $5,000
Pro.tv $15,000
MM.tv $4,500
PO.tv $3,500
ND.tv $1,850
RB.tv $9,500
QA.tv $10,000

The easiest place (and where I usually go) to find all of the recent .TV sales data is AllThings.tv.  They do a great job of mentioning all of the reported .tv sales.  Also, Ammar (AllThings.tv Moderator) recently interviewed Dr. Chris Harnett, they had a really interesting talk about .tv domain names.

Uninterrupted.tv, a creative media project that showcases the feelings, opinions and thoughts of teens that are in juvenile diversion counseling was nominated for and won its third regional Emmy.  This is a local project that is really giving some great exposure to .tv domain names.

– Dynadot, which recently unveiled their new beta site has also launched Dynadot.tv, which is a web page dedicated solely to .tv domain name info and registration.  The cost to register .tv names at Dynadot.tv is only $9.99 for the first year with $21.99 renewal rate.  That is the most competitive registration rate for .tv that I know of.

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