Victor Pitts Returns to Domain Masters Radio Show

domain masters logoAfter over a year hiatus, Victor Pitts, former employee has returned as the host of the Domain Masters radio show on  The show was last hosted by Chef Patrick and Morgan Linton (co-host) which made for really fun, entertaining and informative shows for several months of 2010.  However, in December, Domain Masters went quiet all the way up until last month.  Well, Victor Pitts is back and has already aired five shows since making his return to online radio on July 20th.

If you are not familiar with Domain Masters radio show it’s time to catch up!  Most of the past shows are archived and are available as podcasts on the Domain Masters homepage.  Over the years Monte Cahn (founder of Domain Masters), Victor and Chef Patrick have welcomed many top domainers and domain industry professionals as guests on the show.  I find every episode very informative and worth listening to.

According to Victor’s blog, the next show will air this week on August 31st and features Internet lawyer Howard Neu, who is also the co-founder of the Targeted T.R.A.F.F.I.C. domain conference.  I want to say a big thanks to Victor for getting the show back on the air!  While I dig Victor’s on air style, I am hoping that some of the future shows will be aired live with live guests, and maybe some interaction with listeners.  It’s always fun to listen to those live shows.

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  • Thanks for the feedback Mike. I am glad to be back hosting the show and I am open to feedback – such as yours. I am interested in getting many short 1-3 question phone surveys from as many people as possible to insert into the show on certain topics we are covering. I welcome any of your viewers to drop me a note if they are interested in being on the show.


  • Victor, you’re welcome and thanks for chiming in here too. I think the short Q&A surveys are a good idea. Perhaps after I return from DNCruise, I can be a guest on your show to announce the next RMDC? I’ll be in touch.

    Well readers, you heard it from Victor. He’s open to feedback and possibly new guests for the show!

  • Hopefully they will talk about the rise of geo domain names with insurance. Or perhaps a show focused on tablet domain market or cloud.

    We will see. Welcome back

  • Would love to have you on the show Mike.

    Frank – I am interested in your ideas for a show, but need to understand these topics a bit better myself. I would appreciate any further details from you regarding why you think these would be good topics. I will do my research and see what I can do.


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