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Yesterday afternoon I logged into to try out the new tool and check out the auctions ending at GoDaddy to see if any sparked my interest.  The Radar is very user friendly and easy to manage.  Really there’s nothing to it.  Once you are logged, the real time results pop up on the radar as the auctions continue to end. The Zearn tool will only show you domain auctions at that end in the next ten minutes and that have bids.

Domain name auctions at GoDaddy start ending at 11am CST and last until 4:30pm CST and that is the only time right now that beta testers can access the site.  Being really busy during the day, this is a great tool to keep open on one tab so when I remember, I can quickly pop over and scan to see if there’s anything of interest.  Columns on the radar will give you the domain keywords, price, traffic estimate and age. There is also a chat box on the Radar page that allows you to interact with others in the room.

One suggestion I have is to increase the time to show auctions that end in maybe 15 or 20 minutes. Or have one tab with all the ending auctions in ten minutes (without bids) and another tab with just names with bids that end in the next 20 minutes so there are more names to scan. While I was on today I found myself looking at the screen and having analyzed all the names on the radar there was nothing else for me to do except wait for a new name to pop up. That’s another cool feature, if a domain with no bids and 6 minutes left in the GoDaddy auction receives a bid, it will automatically pop up on the Zearn Radar.

Jamie wrote a much more extensive update on his blog yesterday and it sounds like they have a lot more in store for So far, I am impressed with the ease of functionality of the tool and hope it stays that way.  Keep up the good work Jamie and Jason.

If you want to try out the tool today just go to and submit your email address. Almost instantaneously you will receive an email and once confirmed have access to the Radar.

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  • @Jason – Nice 🙂 I just won two domains I found using Zearn today. I like the tool a lot, it’s far easier than wading through all the auctions on the GoDaddy platform.

    I can confirm that works on the iPad2 and probably other mobile devices. The radar loads a little slowly when you first login but after that it’s all realtime.

  • Thanks for the article Mike and I’m glad you are enjoying the site so far. We will continue to add little things as indicators on the Radar page and a couple other things to keep you entertained while you watch the auction as well.

    I agree that maybe we should be showing more domains than 0-10 minutes. I will bump that up a little bit and see how it goes.

    Keep in mind that you are only seeing one part of the site so far 🙂 We will have 2 more main pages / features to come soon. We just want to get the Radar page working right, without having to much stuff on it etc as that page is the main attraction.

    Thanks again for trying it out and your feedback is always welcome!

  • Jamie – No problem! Looking forward to see how the site progresses. If I think of anything else, I’ll message you or Jason via email or Zearn chatroom.

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