Another Premium .ME Auction Begins on Oct. 27th – Complete List of 178 Names Revealed banner ad
The .ME registry just announced via blog that there will be another premium auction via  This year’s premium .ME auction will start on October 27th and only lasts one week ending on November 3rd, 2011.  These are names that were previously unreleased by the registry.  Here are my top picks:

Keywords + +

Those are just a handful that of names that jumped off the page at me.  Be sure to check out the full list.  I think this will be a great opportunity for domain investors to pick up some premium .ME names at reasonable prices.  I’ve seen a few pretty big flips result from names that were sold in the first premium .ME auction.  With 178 in this auction you can bet that there will be some deals to be had.

A few others that will be on the auction block worth mentioning are,, and  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that will be the top sale in this auction.

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  • Steve – Thanks for your question. These are ‘premium’ names that until next month have not been released by the registry. Updated the post to reflect that info.

  • Steve,
    How much do you want for If the price is right I might take a look at it, or we can trade, I have:

    Let me know if you want to make a deal, or buy mine.

  • Unfortunately, none of these .Me’s are verbs – or, true ‘action’ phrases…eg,, or…

    These domains may contain premium terms – but, imo, they are not really premium uses of the .Me extension – and, so should be only 2nd tier .Me value.

  • I was looking for $5K for the but all offers are open on it. I think I have it set at $250 reserve at SEDO if I remember correctly. I had it a few years now. I did move a few years back.

  • @Voltaire – You got a few hidden gems in your portfolio, nice. I feel $5K for is fair – look at all the possibilities a end user can do with the name with all the latest mobile and app craze. The term is searched for 4.1 million times Per Month and feel with that volume it is reasonable.

  • @Voltaire – there are a few action/verb names like, and in this auction. Also, while there are not any of the super premium verb (,, etc) I think that a lot of them work really well with the .ME extension.. ie.. like,,

    @Greg – I think that names like yours while that use .ME as an action or hack have potential. Perhaps not immediately very valuable, I think there will be more of a demand for action phrases that end in .me like yours.

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