Former Canada Domain Name Forum Moves to DCG Launches banner ad
Samer Jouaneh, the founder of the Canada Domain Name forum which was once on has relocated that forum to  Jouaneh, relinquished the domain to Adam Dicker’s Domain Consulting Group (DCG) last month after facing litigation.   DCG’s complaint was that it was a clear case of infringement of the brand.

Domain Consulting Group has also acquired the domain name and launched a Canadian domain name forum on it. now redirects to  The content on the new site is actually the imported Canada Domain Names sub-forum from along with a few other general sections (industry news, content development, industry leaders).  Members of can log in directly to using their same usernames and passwords.

Confused yet?  Here are the links to and owners of the Canadian domain name forums: – ‘The Place to Talk Canadian Domains’ owned/operated by DCG/Adam Dicker – Re-directs to, now owned by DCG/Adam Dicker – ‘Domain Names Canada’ owned/operated by Samer Jouaneh

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  • Worth noting, Adam just announced a opening special:

    “Here is the deal that a user negotiated to help launch the new and show CIRA ‘if you build it, they will come’ by really convincing them that they should be lowering the registration price permanently.

    For a month we can actually have really cheap new .ca domain registrations.

    Go to and sign up. Pick some domains to register and you will see there is a Promo Code field on the Domain Add screen. With the promo code *DNF2011Oct* you get a price of *$10.00*. When you go to the checkout it will deduct a further *$4.25* which is the month long CIRA promo. Net price per domain is just *$5.75*.

    The $4.25 new registration promo is only on the first year as per CIRA, if someone does a five year registration they would get the remaining four years at the special DNForum $10.00 price.

    Enjoy and a special thanks to User MSN, Daniel for negotiating this for all of us.

    -=DCG=- ”


  • Samer Jouaneh is known as the dumb domainer, on domain forums this guy’s name stinks, He copied from then he built a forum and built the traffic up to, Then Adam Dicker owner seen that Samer Jouaneh clearly copied his brand. After Samer Jouaneh built the forum up he then lost a court case and had to hand over the domain to Adam Dicker for free and had to also pay off Adam Dickers court costs what a dumb domainer. How can this guy now open another forum and give domainers advice ha ha who would take advice from one of the dumb domainers in the industry DDDDDDDUUUURRRR. If you want to learn real advice join or or thats my message to all newbies, Do not get a advice from a clear loser Samer Jouaneh because his advice could put you out of business ha ha.

  • Nick,

    I didn’t know this went to court, which means there was some type of settlement. If i’m wrong please provide me with the link to court case?

  • Yes Nick, please provide the source of your information, where are you getting your “facts” from? Such claims should be backed up.

  • I am not aware of any actual court decision either. I do agree with Nick that it was a mistake to launch a domain forum on

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