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11 Interesting Names in the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Auction banner ad
The Targeted Traffic Conference 2011 will be taking place next week on October 16th – 19th at the Grand Ritz Carlton Hotel in Fort Lauderdale.  The auction is scheduled for October 18th at 2:00pm.   With the changes to this year’s auction format and lots of no reserve auctions, it will certainly be interesting to see how this one shakes out.   Here are my top picks:

1) – short, adult, sells for $13m recently. This one has a reserve of “$???,000”. IMO, could be the highest sale of the auction.

2) – One word, short, brandable and reserve set at “under $35,000”

3) – Very interested to see what happens with this great .xxx name in a NO RESERVE auction.  Of course, we all just heard about the $500k acquisition.

4) – One word, huge profit potential, I give a 50/50 chance it will hit the reserve which is “under $300,000”

5) – There are a host of decent two word .coms and iKeyword .com names with NO RESERVE, this is one of them

6) – Of the ten .TV names in the auction, this is the only one listed with NO RESERVE.  Oddly enough is in there too with a $125k reserve.

7) – Timely auction with presidential elections coming up next year, another NO RESERVE name.

8) – With a reserve listed “under $60,000” expect to see this one sold.  Great keyword and potential in the adult space IMO

9) – Nice name that works well with .TV, listed with reserve “under $12,500”

10) – Great geo name, reserve listed “under $10,000” should sell no problem

11) – reserve of “under $100k”.  While I feel the reserve may be a bit high, Rick Schwartz feels that it will be sold for sure, don’t be surprised if it does.

Full list on program.  Many extensions are represented in this year’s TRAFFIC auction including .com, .org, .tv, .xxx, .co, .me, .info, and yes there’s even a couple .mobi domain names in there. 

Rick Schwartz’s new auction format and lineup have come under some scrutiny (ie.. comments in this domainnamewire post).  However, I expect that the sales volume from this auction will prove that he and TRAFFIC are on to something with the new auction style.

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  • Good post Mike. This auction will be a good barometer for .xxx and will really be a potential buzz event for .co. and in the same auction is a little weird. Makes it harder for the one with the big reserve. will be interesting IMO

  •,,, will generate good interest. and have a low reserve and might see active bidding.

  • I made $50k offer for … but they said they are asking around mid six figure range…probably around $500,000+ … so it’s not going to sell.

  • I used to own and sold it to one of the top domainers out there about 1 year ago, Dr. Chris Hartnett, who many of you know from a previous DN Journal cover story. I also now own, and had an offer of 100K already. I hope they both sale. .TV is very hot right now, had many good sales 100K + but were NDA.

    Thanks, Jim

  • Thanks for the input Jim.

    I’m not sure I agree with the comments that this auction will be a good barometer for the .XXX extension. Good or bad results in the auction, I think the sale proves that each name, individually, could be worth whatever someone/company is willing to spend on it.

  • Mike,

    Really cool, CNN went live with .tv, check it out,

    I been buying .tv since 2000 right when they came out, started in this industry in 1997 buying .com, and .tv is really coming on strong. I laugh because I see all the “naysayers”, but if you have good names, you can make a great ROI in .tv, and that is what business is all about, ROI in any investment!!!

  • Jim, that is pretty strong news for .TV! Good luck with at TRAFFIC auction next week, this will be great exposure for a great name.

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