Saturday Tidbits – “I Want to Put a Ding in the Universe”

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It’s a rainy, cool and crisp fall day here in Denver.  Finally, some more seasonable weather (been a long, warm and dry summer/fall so far).  I hope you enjoy your Saturday!  Here are a few quotes, posts, domain names, stories, etc. I found interesting this week.

  • The quote in the title of this post was from Steve Jobs. It wasn’t until this week, after his death, that I learned about who Steve Jobs really was and how much of an impact he had on others. Not just as the founder of Apple but as a true visionary that pushed the envelope for technology and innovation.  Morgan Linton did a great video blog tribute to Steve Jobs that I enjoyed watching, check it out here.
  • From reading the most recent DNJournal article, it sounds like the first GeoPublishers.com Expo was a great success.  Under new leadership (different from the Associated Cities GeoDomain Expos) the GeoPublishers.com Expo took place Sept 30th – Oct 2nd in Chicago and was attended by holders of top U.S. and world geo domain names.
  • Gay.xxx sells for $500k to end user, Corbin Fisher.  As Michael Berkens points out in his blog post, this sales sets a record for highest name sold pre launch by any registry in any extension.  The next closest being o.co at $350k.  This is a huge sale and ICM Registry is really doing a great job of promoting their brand and specific names.  Have you seen the .XXX boat yet? check it out
  • Amazon.com has begun reinstating its California affiliates after Governor Jerry Brown signed a repeal to the e-commerce affiliate tax which was signed into law earlier this year.  Now if we could just get some of the same thinking here in Colorado where Amazon fired all of it’s affiliates in 2010 after House Bill 10-1193 was passed requiring Amazon to pay Colorado State taxes.
  • Will CNN start promoting CNN.tv and use it for a portal to their new CNN video page?  Recently, CNN.tv went live and is now what looks to be a masked re-direct to the CNN.com homepage.  CNN also has a new video page in beta, now wouldn’t that be something if they used CNN.tv for the new video page and started promoting CNN.tv on TV!
  • One of the most interesting discussions of the week took place on DomainShane.com.  In a blog post by Shane “Should Rick Schwartz Bid On Domains At His Own Auction?”  Shane, Rick and many with an opinion discuss in the comment section of the post whether or not having Rick bid at the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. auction next week is appropriate.
  • To wrap it up I want to share another quote, this one coming from the most recent post on RicksBlog.com.  Rick Schwartz is a great thinker and motivator, and I’m re-posting a part of his message here as these words are so true and important to remember.

    “Whether you do great things in life is solely up to you. But great things are flukes if you can’t repeat it. If you don’t understand the process that led you there. If the mechanics and foundation are not in place, then it is solely luck. But you need to only get lucky once if you follow up and understand what circumstances influenced that luck.

    Like HARD WORK! Like having a GOOD ATTITUDE! Like have a SOLID WORK ETHIC! Like MAKING THINGS HAPPEN! Like having IDEAS! Like being able to FOLLOW THROUGH! Like NOT GETTING DISCOURAGED! Like NOT GIVING UP! Like RISING TO THE OCCASION! By being a PERSON OF YOUR WORD. By being a Person that DOES WHAT THEY SAY.”   Read entire post on RicksBlog.com


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