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care com logoI usually choose a domain of the day after being exposed to it through an advertisement.  Care.com has been running radio commercials in my locale now for at least a week or two.  I’ve heard the care.com radio ad several times and each time I think, wow what a great use of a one word .com.

Care.com is an network and marketplace connecting people seeking care services with a national and local trusted providers.  Care.com is an all encompassing  network providing care options for children, pets, seniors, special needs citizens, students and even housekeeping.  It is a subscription based service that allows members to post a classified type ad to the marketplace requesting whatever kind of care you need (pet, child, etc).  Before you post your ad or sign up you can see how many providers are in your area based on your zip code.

There is also a rating system in place so you can hire based on reputation.  The care.com network is quite extensive, for example I wanted to see how to post an ad for a pet care provider.  I was notified there are 690 pet sitters in my area and was guaranteed that I would get at multiple responses to my ad or money back.

Care.com launched was registered in 1997 and the most recent site launched in 2009, it has been growing rapidly ever since. Currently, the website ranks in the top 6,500 sites worldwide and top 1,500 sites in the U.S. according to Alexa.com.  Another great usage of a one word .com domain name, hard to argue the site would have the same amount of success if it had a brandable or catchy name that didn’t stick.  Care.com, you can’t forget that.

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