.TV Spotlight Post #20

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It’s Tebow Time!  Oh wait that was yesterday.. It’s .TV time!

It’s been a very active last 30 days in .TV sales here is a list of just a few that came across my radar since the last .TV Spotlight post:

4×4.tv – $2,100
Bets.tv – $3,999
Mob.tv – $4,250
Iron.tv – $2,700
Hero.tv – $1,700
Rapper.tv + Rappers.tv $5,000 (TRAFFIC Auction)
Wet.tv $2,800 (TRAFFIC Auction)
CommercialBreak.tv – $5000
Base.tv – $1,360
Southland.tv – $2,500
18.tv – $5,000
AffiliateSecrets.tv – $6,000 (incl site via Flippa)
Rice.tv – $2,000 (TRAFFIC Auction)
GreatBritain.tv $500 (TRAFFIC Auction)

From the sales listed above, I think GreatBritain.tv went really cheap BUT that name has a legacy premium of $1,000/year.  Short one word .TV names seem to be hitting the sweet spot at $2-$5k.  I think a lot of these are still being picked up by investors and not so much by end users.  Another auction that is currently going on is for the domain Ass.tv, it’s at $2,050 with three days left to bid.  I think it should go up by another $1.5k at least.

The submission period for the contest Verisign is holding called “Make a .TV Commercial” ended today.  They will be announcing finalists on November 3rd at the Blog World and New Media Expo in L.A. That should be more good exposure for .TV.

Have you heard of ES.tv? Entertainment Studios, or ES.tv runs a network that has started promoting TV shows using generic .TV names.  The most popular one is Pets.tv.  Pets.tv is the name of the actual TV show that has been on Comcast and DirectTV for quite a while now.  Comedy.tv is another show that I have seen the actual domain promoted on the TV show.  Others in the network are Cars.tv, Recipe.tv and SciFi.tv.  This is exactly the type of marketing that .TV names should be used for.

I hate to report this cause it stings but earlier this month, shortly after I first learned about the Occupy Wall Street movement I looked up the domain Occupy.tv which was available.  Of course, like an ass I didn’t register it right away and when I came back to the computer a couple hours later to take it, low and behold it was snapped up.  Now it’s for sale over at NP and Allthings.tv already with a few low $xxx offers. I’ve messaged the registrant to see what their asking price is now and their response was basically that they are interested in fielding only ‘very high offers’.  Behind the .COM I think this is the best extension for the Occupy movement as they will rely on the proliferation of video to keep their message alive.  With the ease of uploading video to social media streams, there is a lot of potential in developing this name… oh well.

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  • Regarding Forex.tv, this drop will be a good test to see how good Name.com is against Namejet and others for .TV domains. Thus far I have never lost a Name.com backorder for a .TV domain. However, I have lost out for .COM backorders.

  • Hii – yup I grabbed this one as soon as the term crossed my radar – no way was I gonna risk a trip to the fridge first!
    Ive lost money elsewhere on trying to get the jump with new terms that may or may not breakout so its kinda nice that maybe this time I can secure a decent return.
    If anyone from here would like to submit an offer then please do so through the blog owner Mike. Thanks!

  • Thanx for overview! The most interesting part of the TRAFFIC auction, were the dot tvs! Trading.tv got an offer of $2000.00, but the seller listed the reserve in the five figures, $20,000 at first, then $12,500. Makeovers.tv also didn’t receive an offer, at $30,000 reserve. England.tv started at $125,000, then the 2nd round was offered at $25,000. No takers.

    Still, the dot tvs in the TRAFFIC auction moved well, considering. At least 50% sold.

    Here is my section on dot tv with the top post highlighting, MyDestination.tv, a travel show I caught on satellite, and took pictures and a screenshot of the website. The top photo is the image which appears as the show goes to break – savvy use of marketing!


    You can go to the previous page, to see how the Pets.tv name appears on the cable info bar, when you click, “info,” on your remote. Good branding!

    Occupy.tv is in good hands! What other domainer posts a working theme where videos are able to be uploaded! Good going, Occupy.tv – YAY! 🙂

  • lol yup thanks Louise, looks like maybe I got a hot one here yay 🙂
    Ive received emails on the contact form from occupy protesters in various cities asking if theres anything I can pay them to film for me and a few just offering to do so for free. Cool huh!
    Agree with you about the .tv names in TRAFFIC, nothing stellar of course but when sat next to the .com performance I feel they didnt crash and burn at all.
    Id just like to say that while I support everyone’s right to peaceful protest, and even to get right up the noses of the ‘authorities’, I do NOT support everything that the so far nebulous ‘occupy’ movement seems to stand for. Some of it yes, but by no means all.

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