News Live Auction Nov. 20th – Submission Period Now Open banner ad announced yesterday that it will be holding another live auction in it’s chat room next month on November 20th.  This will be the third live auction at NamePros this year.  Unlike past NP auctions, next month’s is reserved for short names only.  Submissions accepted will be limited to LLL, CCC or LLLL names in the .COM extension and the submission period will end nine days before the auction on November 11th.

Glad to see another live auction at NP, the chat room style auctions are always fun to watch and participate in.  I think the short name themed auction should work well, there is plenty of inventory of short names owned by NamePros members and I will bet that this auction sees more bidding action than previous auctions on NP this year.

Auction guidelines from Auction Page:

The next live auction is scheduled for November 20th @ 2PM CST
Theme: LLL, LLLL, CCC .COM Only! -No exceptions!
Submit Names: October 17th – November 11th

The NamePros Live Auction is held once monthly and features domains for sale in a dynamic online event hosted by a live auctioneer team. The final value fee for sellers is a flat $5 payable after a successful transaction.

Your current account level allows up to 2 submissions per auction. NamePros Supporters and Business Members can list up to 8 domains. Click here to upgrade your account.

The following types of domains may not be sold at live auction:

  •         Explicit adult names
  •         Sub-domains or non-standard domains
  •         Domains expiring in less than 30 days, unless renewal is to be included.
  •         IDN domain names are permitted if they are identified as IDN with the punycode in the description.

A reserve price is required for all auction lots. If winning bid meets or exceeds your reserve price, it is considered a binding contract that is expected to be completed within seven (7) days of the live auction event.

Using a reasonable reserve price is strongly recommended. YOUR RESERVE PRICE WILL BE VISIBLE.

Auction fees: There is no fee to list your domain in the NamePros Auction. If your domain sells, there is a $5 final value fee due upon successful completion of your transaction. If your domain does not sell there is no fee. There is no fee if your domain sells for less than $10.

The minimum reserve price is $5. Reserves of $5 are an excellent way to encourage bidding and qualify your domain for live auction, but be mindful that the final auction results will be binding.

What happens after you submit your name? Your auction lot is immediately entered into our silent auction. The silent auction is a queue of domains that allows interested buyers to bid prior to the live auction. A domain becomes eligible for the next live auction when it receives a verified bid within 50% of the seller’s reserve. Final value fee is due seven days after successful live auction sale and must be paid before participating in future events. Buyers and sellers that do not complete deals will receive negative feedback and be barred from future participation.

Once names start filling up the auction queue, you can use these links to view the silent and live auction queues:

Live Auction Queue :  Domains that will be featured in the live auction

Silent Auction Queue : Domains that have not yet qualified for the live auction

Full list : List all lots in this auction

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