5 Useful Domain Blogs You May Not Know Of

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Here are a few good domain industry blogs that you won’t find on Domaining.com but are definitely worth checking out.

YanHuang.me – Yan Huang is a domainer and Internet entrepreneur who recently started blogging. Reading through his articles I think he has a lot of good advice and wisdom to offer. I realy like a recent article of his “Don’t Shoot Ducks Blindfolded“.

PPCIan.com (@ppcian)- Authored by Ian Lopuch a PPC and SEM expert based in Silicon Valley. Perhaps not a domain blog but PPC is still a big part of our industry. You will find a wealth of great information on PPCIan.com on pay-per click, search engine marketing as well as affiliate marketing. Definitely a blog I like to keep in my reader, I’ve learned a great deal from reading Ian’s posts. Thank you and keep up the great work Ian!

Mwzd.com (@mwzd) – “The Media Wizards Blog” is authored by Samit Madan a succesful domain investor and web developer. I like to drop by Mwzd.com to check out some of the available domain lists that Samit publishes as well as read up on some of his opinion article.. a recent one that I got a kick out of was “Please Justify Your Asking Price“.

JasonThompson.co (@jasonthompsonco) –  You may remember Jason as the author of DNPimping.com.  Recently, Jason has diverted his blogging energy to JasonThompson.co and has been producing some really informative domain lists and news articles.  I’ve yet to meet Jason in person, but I consider him a good friend in the industry, we got started blogging around the same time and have shared some good ideas and domain discussions.

InternetNews.me – Authored by Michele Neylon, Managing Director of Blacknight.com domain registrar.  InternetNews.me has been breaking some great domain industry news stories and also has a bit of a European focus.  I enjoy having InternetNews.me in my reader to keep up on happenings that may not be reported on the ‘mainstream’ domain blogs.

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