Two 30k .COM Sales at Sedo: Explorers & CloudEx

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One sold for $30k USD and the other €30k EUR.  I just saw these while browsing the market activity page on Sedo.com. 

Sedo is reporting CloudEx.com sold for $30,000.  The name, registered in 2004 is currently held by Sedo according to whois.  Could CloudEx.sa (Saudi Arabia) have picked up this name?  I don’t really see what other company or individual would shell out that kind of money for this name. 

Another name Sedo is reporting sold is Explorers.com sold for €30,000 (approx $40041 USD).  The name, registered in 1997 is currently in Escrow Transfer according to DomainTools whois. It will be interesting to see who picked up this domain.  I think it’s a pretty good price for a great one word .com and wouldn’t be too surprised if it is NOT an end user sale.

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  • I hear what the author is saying however consider this:

    People who followed up on tips published everywhere bought up the domains that included the word Cloud early on, about a year ago. The love affair with the dot com TLD is not yet over. Sure those people living in the Oil Producing Nations might have the upper hand in the money game now, yet eventually solar and other energy sources will catch on.

    I agree that explorers.com for 40k sounds like a good deal, yet not everyone has got 40k to “invest” in a domain. Personally I have never bought a domain other than retail through a registrar. Having a small portfolio by domainer standards (under 365) I had reached a robot estimated value of around 40k in the 1st week in October 2011, it then dropped to about 30% its original value out of nowhere.

    Its a crazy business, I now have my 1st auction going, after being a serious domain researcher for just about under one year. My 1st 70 or so domains using only instincts rather than technology were probably the best ones I ever bought (and these go back about to 2008). I remember being on vacation and worrying about my domains expiring back in the summer of 2009.

    One of My Websites

    PS: The main logic I use when buying a domain is it easy to remember and can I build some sort of website using that name, that would be useful.

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