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  • Domain name seizures captured the news in our industry over Thanksgiving as 131 domains were taken by the Homeland Security ICE. Most of the names seized were related to jerseys or handbags. Looking over the list of seized names I would estimate about seventy percent were actual TM names. Many of the domains were quite generic including finejerseys.com, jerseysonsale.com and handbagslot.com. Apparently, the sites seized were breaking Federal law by unlicensed selling of products.
  • ICM Registry (.XXX) has started a media advertising campaign that includes billboards and TV commercials on network stations such as Comedy Central, TNT, ESPN and History Channel among others.  The campaign begins just a week before general availability land rush opens on December 6th.  ICM is promoting Buy.XXX in the advertising push, hoping to drive home the point that the general public can register their .XXX domain name if desired.  I think the result of this ad campaign will probably be exposure of people to the extension, I wouldn’t expect a normal TV viewer to want to register a .XXX name after seeing the commercial or billboard. 
  • This week it was announced that Flippa.com has joined other domain auction sites such as Bido, CAX, GoDaddy and SEDO to have their ending soon auctions featured on ClosingAuctions.com.  I really like the ClosingAuctions.com platform and widget that appears on Domaining.com.  I look forward to seeing the Flippa sales on the ClosingAuctions widget. 
  • Michael Cyger of DomainSherpa.com published an interview earlier this week that featured Sedo.com CEO Tim Schumacher.  Tim and Michael really dig into some interesting information about Sedo.com, the domain industry’s biggest reseller that has over 15 million names on the platform.  I recommend watching this interview to learn more about Sedo’s history and philosophy.

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  • I own and manage adult websites and just wanted to say that I won’t be buying any dotxxx domains. IMO, dotxxx offers no value to the adult industry and it doesnt offer any value to the internet as a whole.

    By focusing their advertising on mainstream audiences, ICM Registry has again proven that they have no intend to serve the adult industry, but that their whole business plan is based on scaring mainstream users into buying defensive registrations.

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