.TV Spotlight Post #21

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The .TV extension has seen over $100k in reported .TV sales since last month’s .TV Spotlight post. Below are sales reported, most of which occurred at Sedo.

Stock.tv $7,500
Bobo.tv $1,500
Welt.tv €3,400
Prisma.tv $1,220
Greg.tv $4,775
Talk.tv $40,000
Venezia.tv $800
Party.tv $3,234
Quran.tv $1,199
Forex.tv $24,000
XQ.tv $795
666.tv $1,600
FilmCasting.tv $700
Prodigy.tv $900
Francia.tv $999
TermLifeInsurance.tv $1,475
Florencia.tv $750
MM.tv $6,000
Treat.tv $650
Reform.tv $500

I read about most of these sales at AllThings.tv, the dedicated .TV forum. Talk.tv for $40,000 was a nice sale, a fair price for that premium .tv name.  Not sure who the buyer is (whois still shows Sedo) but it looks like the name may be developed out as there is a start to a website on the domain.  I think Party.tv was a great deal at under $4k. 

Welt.tv was a little surprising going for €3,400, it was picked up by a German company called Ascio Technologies Inc.  I like to see one word sales like this.  I have several one word and four letter .TV names similar to this one.  The treat.tv sale caught my eye.  That’s another one word name that I actually flipped to the seller, looks like his flip was more profitable! 

I’ve been visiting the Watch.tv blog since it has been very active lately.  They have been showcasing many .TV Advocates over the last few weeks.  Advocates are people who spend a few minutes in a video talking about the benefits of using .TV names as well as video to promote their businesses online.

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  • Enjoy your dot tv recaps!

    Another dot tv sighting on television – usually I like a photo, but the show ended before the credits reappeared. It was a music video on Classic Arts Showcase on Public Broadcasting, which saves lots of insomniacs as it runs from 1-5AM every day: Medici.tv, which is Italian for, “doctors.” Fitting! It’s sponsored by Rolex, and also sells subscriptions, so it’s a $$-making site!

  • some healthy .tv sales there
    thanks for reporting
    there really needs to be a dedicated domain forum just for .tv
    I see allthings.tv has a forum too

    I have just the domain!


  • .tv is an interesting extension and recent sales have been good. go .tv!
    Backup your .tv names with the whatevertv.com names. eg. PartyTV.com, Party.TV imho.

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