Ten Steals That Sold for $X,XXX

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Over the weekend, Rick Schwartz posted an article titled: Make a Million Dollars in Domains. 12 EASY steps and 36 Months! REALLY!  This post demonstrates how important it is to essentially ‘trade up’ by using profits from your previous domain sales to buy more valuable names – ones that you can make MORE profit from. 

Elliot posted a nice addendum yesterday to Rick’s article supporting the theory and giving some good insight on how he used this method to take domaining beyond just a hobby. 

I saw comments on these posts asking where/how to find higher value names that are flippable.   As I browsed through the DNJournal’s most recent sales chart, I saw several names that sold at prices where I feel the buyer is in a position to make a big profit on the turnaround.  Without doing any research on search volume or TM potential, etc, here are names I thought were deals and where they were purchased:

dam.com $6,500 afternic – Damn, that’s a steal!

sous.com $3,460 namejet – Geo name, brandable, sous chef.. super versatile

powr.com $3,298 namejet – Power.com typo

petzone.com $7,600 namejet – Great brand potential

ukproperty.com $6,750 sedo – Maybe a little broad but I like it

lv.tv $3,000 sedo – Las Vegas TV?!

cork.it $1,360 sedo – Maybe a stretch but this is a nice hack

go.fm $1,890 sedo – I like this name, go flows well with the ext

scores.info $1,428 sedo – Huge keyword, definitely a deal for the buyer

rank.info $1,210 sedo – Maybe the second best extension for this word


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  • Dam wasn’t a stolen domain. It was bought by a domainer from a business that went down. The domain has been resold again to Media Options.

  • Thanks for the clarification Gnanes.

    By saying these domain names were ‘steals’ in the title of the post I am suggesting they were great deals and not stolen names.

  • huh?? Those aren’t steals. Dot FM and Dot IT are steals?? Give me a break.

    For example 2-letter .tvs have been selling in droves for pennies.

    Here’s the results from the auction earlier this year:
    il.tv $5,000
    hi.tv $5,000
    ko.tv $4,811
    gg.tv $4,800
    stocks.tv $4,300
    uu.tv $4,200
    bb.tv $3,700
    mr.tv $3,700
    hr.tv $3,300
    ar.tv $3,100
    tax.tv $3,054
    dd.tv $3,005
    mx.tv $2,900
    ae.tv $2,250
    ee.tv $2,250
    oo.tv $2,150
    ii.tv $2,110
    no.tv $2,050
    jr.tv $2,050
    vv.tv $2,024
    tc.tv $2,000
    xl.tv $1,950
    mo.tv $1,903
    mt.tv $1,816
    can.tv $1,800
    bm.tv $1,776
    tn.tv $1,676
    jj.tv $1,663
    ky.tv $1,626
    ct.tv $1,613
    tt.tv $1,602
    sn.tv $1,600
    ks.tv $1,600
    ll.tv $1,600
    fm.tv $1,583
    air.tv $1,550
    big.tv $1,550
    iq.tv $1,550
    er.tv $1,550
    british.tv $1,500
    hp.tv $1,450
    hm.tv $1,402
    lo.tv $1,252
    vb.tv $1,251
    hb.tv $1,250
    mb.tv $1,211
    bg.tv $1,200
    du.tv $1,200
    familia.tv $1,180
    wm.tv $1,151
    heather.tv $1,150
    mn.tv $1,150
    lg.tv $1,150
    ib.tv $1,150
    ie.tv $1,150
    iv.tv $1,101
    kick.tv $1,100
    kd.tv $1,100
    ww.tv $1,051
    vn.tv $1,050
    al.tv $1,050
    bw.tv $1,050
    qa.tv $1,050
    wk.tv $1,000
    bv.tv $1,000
    mp.tv $1,000
    kv.tv $1,000
    ys.tv $975
    yb.tv $950
    wb.tv $927
    om.tv $925
    ah.tv $900
    ht.tv $850
    mz.tv $825
    ho.tv $800
    kw.tv $800
    set.tv $800
    ov.tv $775
    mw.tv $751
    ix.tv $727
    po.tv $716
    gi.tv $700
    hv.tv $700
    32.tv $677
    vd.tv $650
    vm.tv $626
    00.tv $625
    who.tv $600
    rf.tv $600
    gene.tv $590
    mommies.tv $590
    rant.tv $590
    ej.tv $580
    dz.tv $578
    kb.tv $575
    ty.tv $575
    lm.tv $551
    sw.tv $550
    pv.tv $525
    jt.tv $525
    ol.tv $525
    ax.tv $525
    lp.tv $525
    vi.tv $501
    chatroom.tv $500
    fax.tv $500
    rw.tv $500
    ym.tv $500
    pz.tv $475
    xm.tv $475
    asp.tv $462
    tots.tv $432
    wx.tv $425
    jz.tv $400
    jock.tv $375
    php.tv $350
    and.tv $333
    ch2.tv $300
    los.tv $300
    nas.tv $300

  • @DCMike77 – thanks for the comment! I was expecting some push back on those names but I do think that even at those prices there is still some ‘meat on the bone’ for the buyer to make $ with. I was examining the sales solely from last weeks DNJournal sales chart so I didn’t list all the deals over the last few months. I agree .TV is a great space to find deals in right now. Where is this sales data from? Stocks.tv was sold last year at Sedo auction for $22k http://nametalent.com/blog/?p=2033

    @G+Domains – Ah, yes thank you for that additional information. That sure does make a difference.

  • Mike –

    Here’s some more ‘meat on the bone’ for the sous.com example:

    Sous is a French word meaning under / sub- / beneath. Sous chef (as you mentioned) is a french term adopted into English that implies sub-chef or under-chef. A few other examples of the (hundreds? thousands?) of French terms utilizing ‘sous’ include:

    sous titres –> subtitles
    sous marine –> underwater
    sous traitance –> subcontracting
    sous sol –> basement
    sous tension –> under voltage
    sous peu –> before long


  • I sold a 2 letter .tv for $32K that was NDA. In fact, there are a lot of .tv sales NDA going in the mid XX,XXX. It’s all about finding end-users.

  • Here is one you can add at the top of the list in my opinion :

    Lobbies.com – $2’005 last Sunday on Namejet.

    I was the second bidder. Dam !

    If TeaParty.com is one of the most valuable domains, I guess Lobbies.com should be worth something more than $2k. Or did I completely missed something ?

    Not to mention that in France “sous” is also a very popular synonym for “money”.

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