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15 Picks from the Upcoming Sedo .ME Premium Auction is hosting another Premium .ME auction featuring 178 more previously unreleased domains. The auction will start next Thursday, February 2nd and ends February 9th.

There are a variety of top one word .ME names in the auction including,, and many more.  Below are my picks from the upcoming auction which include several top geo names as well as several verb (action) .ME names. See complete auction inventory

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  • I have the following .me domain. Do you like it?

    I think it would make for an awesome dating or relationship website!

    I’m also interested in selling it.

  • @Domains – There are a lot of great keywords up for grabs. I don’t believe that the results of this auction will be a determining factor to decide whether the extension still has any legs. Like the last premium auction, I believe with so many names for sale the final sale price will be low on many of these names. The bidders are going to be for the most part resellers so while there will be some good sales, I’m not expecting to see a large volume of sales above four figures.

  • Well the lat .co auction sucked (for the sellers) I hope this one does better. Reserves are ok IMO.

    I just sold for €450 (The german way to spell Munich) so a nice GEO. I have a few more GEO .me and personally I like them.

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