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We’ve  just received an email (below) from Craig Rowe, founder of that explains to clients how WhyPark, the company that introduced ‘Domain Apps’ has rebranded to  Currently, re-directs to

I am very fond of the domain apps feature WhyPark implemented and I think this is a smart move to rebrand this monetization platform to the exact name of the core service they offer.  If you haven’t already tried it out, domain apps are perhaps the easiest way to set up multi functional website with monetization on your domain name.   

Email from

Thank you for being a valued WhyPark customer. We continue to look for new ways to earn revenue for our customers while making domain monetization as simple as possible. Starting today, you will manage your account and domains through Domain Apps ( rather than WhyPark.

How This Affects You
1) The WhyPark dashboard has been retired and forwards to Domain Apps ( Login with the same email and password that you previously used on WhyPark.
2) The first time you login to Domain Apps, you will complete a very quick, five-step migration. When finished, all of your domains will be available to manage, view reports, etc. through Domain Apps.

Domain Apps Advantages
1) More monetization options; Choose to develop your content sites as you previously have through WhyPark, or monetize through traditional domain parking from one interface. You can switch back and forth at any time with a single click.
2) More payment options; receive payments via PayPal, check, direct deposit (US only) or International Wire Transfer.
3) New reports; view your estimated revenue for the current day, prior to any final stats being received by our advertising partners. Revenue from your parked domains and content sites are consolidated into a single report.
4) Future growth; we’ve laid the groundwork to enable even more monetization options to be added in the future.
5) New, but familiar; The Domain Apps brand more accurately reflects a wider range of monetization options than WhyPark. We feel we’ve outgrown the original brand with the launch of our apps in 2010 and our future plans. However, the Domain Apps interface and functionality will be very familiar to WhyPark customers.

What You Need to Do
The first time you login to Domain Apps, you will complete the migration process. That’s it! Your domains will remain unaffected and you will be able to quickly start managing your domains again. You will receive an email when the migration process has been completed. This can range from under 1 minute to several minutes, depending on the number of domains you have with us.

In order to take advantage of the ability to switch between parking and content sites, be sure to change your nameservers to use and Please note that our existing nameservers will stay online. Your domains will continue to resolve without issue, but will not be able to be switched between content and parking. Any changes you make will continue to be live.
We’re Here to Help

Even though we feel these new additions will be a benefit to our customers, we also understand that change can be difficult. We’re here to help and answer any questions you may have. Please contact us through live chat in your account or at [email protected]

Best wishes for a successful 2012!

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  • What a bunch of bull#@%$. This has and always will be a ” Parking Program “. What ever is dictated by Bing who by the way is in Carge of what you will make in revenue , Is as bad as google.

    I have removed all my Domains from Whypark As of Today

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