Eleven Interesting Sedo Sales

Browsing the Sedo Market Activity page today I came across a few interesting domain sales that caught my eye. Of course we all saw that Sedo brokered the sale of for $125,000 as well as for $100,000 in the last couple weeks. Below are eleven more sales brokered by Sedo that I thought were worth mentioning. $12,000 for the set
– A very brandable word, someone was willing to spring a few bucks to get the .com of the brand they want to launch. $11,739
– Very relevant and hip two word .com. I think $11k is a pretty good price for this name, according to domaintools the it’s now owned by Healthy Spot LLC. $9,335
– I dig this name, it’s a great conjunction but looks like Mattel toys has a TM on this word. Not sure who the buyer/seller. $12,500
– Huge insurance two word .com, everyone wants cheap insurance. Although would be better, I think this one sold quite cheap. $4,000
– Brandable and catchy 3D domain name, registered in 1997. Now owned by a company called 3DStorm. $4,000
– Short one word .com, now owned by Although it could easily be mistaken for, I think $4k is a steal! $6,388
– Another premium one word domain name, even in the extension I would expect at least $xx,xxx sale for this domain. $1,400
– I always moniter cash + keyword .com sales since I have a few myself. Interesting sale, fair price. $5,000
– Still in Sedo Escrow, another solid keyword + cast .tv sale. $10,000
– For some reason the Futbol Club Barcelona decided to drop a pretty penny on the name of their team in the .cn extension. The name has been registered since 2004, still not sure why they would see the need for the .cn. $26,672
– Created less than a year ago, this domain recently sold to Targetware Informatica, a company out of Sao Paolo, Brazil. Hefty sales price for a domain.

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