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Suprising to some, the domain name aka has gotten off to a quick start at NameJet pre-release auction. Currently, bidding for the name is up to $3600 with 8 days left.  I hope whoever wins this auction knows what they are actually bidding on. NameJet does give the option for viewer to see the word in uppercase and lowercase but it doesn’t help the confusion that the lower case image is the default. (view uppercase)

High Bid: $3,600 USD
Time Left: 8d 11h
Type: Pre-Release
Your Last Bid: $0 USD
Bid History: 103 bids
Category: Business

This is just another reason to do your due diligence before bidding on any domain auction. Especially for a name like which is owned by Microsoft, LMAO! Wouldn’t you at least visit the domain or look at the whois before bidding thousands of dollars? Other cases may not be so obvious. What if you came across in the late stages of an auction at NameJet looking at the all lowercase spelling you may be tricked and get excited, hopefully not excited enough to forget to do your homework first.

This reminds me of the story of the guy who thought he was hand registering a domain at godaddy on his smartphone. When he got the bill he couldn’t remember authorizing a five figure payment to godaddy. Turns out the domain was available as a premium name and he was the new owner of it!

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  • I can’t believe they would do that.

    Why don’t they just put caps in everything. And stop trying to trick people.

    This will make for a great story once the owner finds out what they bought

  • I think there definitely is a level of trickery going on there. I feel like people try to do the same things with IDN’s as well. Hope no one falls into the trap!

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