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Have You Tried Appraiso? is the newest website appraisal tool. Launched by domain investor Morgan Linton and his fiancé Daina Burnes, Appraiso uses a complex algorithm to appraise developed domains and websites based on traffic, revenue, comparable sales, market conditions and more.  The free version of Appraiso allows users one appraisal per day once you have registered for an account using your email address.

Appraiso is much more than just a simple appraisal website.  The Appraiso team has been developing and tweaking the appraisal algorithm since early last year and I honestly think after running several sites through Appraiso that it is quite accurate.  However, I don’t have a boat load of websites to appraise so I am curious how others feel about the results?

There is also a scam detection feature in case inflated numbers are entered, it will give an appraisal but also warn you that it’s likely the data entered may not be accurate – a very important feature.  Appraiso is already available through API, so its technology can be integrated into other platforms.  Morgan is really on to something with this software, and what a great name for the site!

How To Use Appraiso from Morgan Linton on Vimeo.

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  • I did try, and it appears to be an awesome tool! What else we can expect from Morgan Linton, the domain guru. I also really liked the domain which is million times better that he was contemplating to name this site earlier.

  • I’m impressed with the results for the sites of mine that I’ve appraised using appraiso. I also like the scam detection feature.

  • I would hardly call Morgan a domain guru since he still seems to be learning about domains, at least that is how I take it from what I read. He only recently even learned what an IDN is. 🙂

    Appraisio wants me to create a relationship by creating a username, etc…. I think users want an appraisal not a relationship.

    I see this as failing or marginally working just for this reason.

  • I don’t even think Morgan would call himself a ‘guru’ but he is certainly becoming very successful with domains! You can read more about his experiences in domaining on his blog where Morgan shares a wealth of information.

    As for the success of Appraiso hinging on the fact you need an email address to sign up to try it out.. that’s almost laughable! I can tell you that after talking with Morgan several times this week about Appraiso, this company has a very well thought out business plan. You may be surprised to learn that domainers are not even the target market. I don’t think it will be long before Appraiso becomes THE go-to place for website appraisals online.

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