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What’s a Domain Blog Worth?

Better yet, what is worth? Yinan Wang AKA ‘Owntag’ on DNForum started a thread today looking for appraisals for According to DomainTools the name was created in 2003 but the current registrant has had possession of the domain for less than a week.  Keep an eye out, I expect Wang (who sold last year for six figures) to follow up his appraisal thread by announcing it’s for sale.

Most of the appraisals from DNF members that responded were in the low to mid $x,xxx range.   Here’s a piece of the conversation in the appraisal thread I found amusing:
Varlin – “3800 or more end user”
Vital – “I don’t think we can separate to resellers and end-users in this case…” 🙂

So, how many domain bloggers are getting excited to buy this name..?  Are those crickets I hear chirping?  It’s a great domain name but I don’t see it being very useful to any established domain bloggers unless it is to use as a redirect.  Mike Berkens certainly won’t be re-branding to  If he does I’ll be inserting my foot in my mouth, but honestly the name has virtually no traffic (alexa rank = 16 million+) and a very limited scope of end users.

This leaves me wondering.. If any of you domainers were going to start a blog, would you prefer to spend less to brand a catchy phrase or word combo or would you want the exact keyword name for say mid $x,xxx?  Also, in what $ range would you appraise

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  • Interesting…we had and sold the plural recently for about $3,500 via Sedo.

    Regarding the singular, the ideal buyer is someone who has a fair amount of success with domains that doesn’t already have a blog and wants to start with a bang. I think cost would be negligible to many of the higher-earning investors in terms of opting for something lower-cost for a more brandable name.

    That said, most of them who have wanted to blog have already been blogging. I somewhat doubt any existing blogs would buy that to switch over to. It’s hard to say on pricing because I think the price a buyer would pay would vary a lot from person to person and there’s not exactly a high selection of buyers for this kind of domain.

  • @Steve

    From NameBio:

    Domain Name:
    Price: $1,201
    Date: Jan 1, 2011

    So, was that your purchase?

  • It could be bought by an existing or new domain blogger/company for an ego thing. It is a name that would stand out to someone looking for domain information if it was in a long list with other sites. It gives a measure of instant credibility/authority for the domain market, with a name like that you’d assume it was someone who’d been around for a while, and not a new site. I could easily see a low xx,xxx sale for this domain.

  • I agree there’s a lot of potential with because of the “instant credibility/authority” that a .com like this carries if developed. It would certainly be a great networking tool for anyone looking to break into the domain space with a bang like Steve said.

  • @Abdu Yes, that was our purchase. We bought it to develop but ultimately focused on other development. We bought around that time as well and still have that.

  • it sold for $6k
    that’s the price paid, as was on dnjournaL this week

    that’s all it’s money imo, i think would have got $3 – $6k range if offered on forum prior tbh

    developed another ballgame
    best of luck to Yinan who is a great bloke and an accomplished domainer

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