News Rap – Nothin’ Like a Retweet

The hip folks over at have gotten even more creative with their promotional genius and put together the first registrar rap – “Nothin’ Like a Retweet”.

Created to show appreciation for their followers retweet love, has also decided to throw an in an iPad3 to a lucky retweeter, you can retweet to enter the giveaway by clicking here.

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  • Is it me or do marketing attempts such as these come across as largely lame? This seems to be the internet equivalent of your grandparents listening to Run-DMC to be ‘cool’. Doesn’t work, IMHO

  • I don’t think their marketing comes across as lame at all. I actually think that it’s refreshing and entertaining. I suppose I’m probably a bit biased though since they are based out of my hometown here in Denver and I have met and made friends with many of the folks at Name šŸ˜‰

  • That’s the type of stupid marketing you get from a company with employees drinking Beer all day long.

  • @SoFunny – you’re welcome to share your opinions here but I’ve deleted the last sentence in your comment b/c it was full of insults.

  • I like, but this type of promotion make the entire staffs of look lame…

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