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.TV Spotlight Post #22

.TV had a very strong first quarter this year.  The extension continues to gain steady traction in mainstream media as I see more and more .TV urls promoted on television.  I am also seeing a lot of strategic banner advertising by Verisign online for the .TV extension.  I really think 2012 has big things in store for .TV.

The biggest news for .TV  so far this year is that Verisign renewed their contract with Tuvalu through 2021.  The contract was due up in 2016 and there was uncertainty that Verisign and Tuvalu were going to come to an agreement which made many skeptical of the future of the ccTLD.  This contract extension not only gives investors refreshed confidence but may have skeptics looking at .TV in a different light.

An interesting happening last week, Tweet.TV the Realtime Social TV Guide earned a seed investment of $750,000 from angel investor Joe Kalfa. inspires to recreate the TV-guide with social infusion.  Honestly, I’m not sure of the business model or the idea but I love the creativity as well as the fact investors are starting to warm up to .TV startups.

Here are a few sales reported since January.  I compiled this list with help from and NamePros .TV reported sales thread. $50,000 $400 $25,000 $2,200 $1,600 $500 $275 $2,500 $475 $5,000 $280 $950 $463 $300 $3,029 $1,500 $2,611 $3,815 $1,000 $200 $500 $1,314 $3,750 $1,305 $9,140 $750 $652 $500 $300 $5,400 $652 $18,500
bö – $2,600 (IDN) $500 $1,510 $16,000 $1,000 $2,285 $3,133 $2,350 $2,100 $1,000 $9,793 $1,584 $1,305 $10,000 $1,650 $1,500 $1,317 $1,000

I feel many of these sales are on the low side because they are names being sold from resellers to resellers/investors. for under $3k and under $2k were great buys. Interesting side notes about a couple of the sales – was bought by one of Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs companies and is supposed to be used to launch a music themed TV network.  Also, is now the new owner of, the .tv domain is currently not resolving.

There are also some excellent sales in the list above such as which was brokered by Mike Berkens’ for seller Ammar from (congrats Ammar!).  In case you missed it, I interviewed Mr. Berkens where we spoke specifically about .TV names in .TV Spotlight post #6.

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  • .tv sales will be one of the more prominent highlights of the domain business going forward; we have received offers for our one word, LN, and LLL .tv’s that most would not believe, so we won’t bother posting the offers here. Over 80% of our offers are coming from European & Asian countries over the past year – I expect U.S. sales/offers to pick up eventually.

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