5 Interesting Sales Happening at DNForum

1) (yes, not random letters) – Highest public offer is $5100, seller says he has a private offer of $8500 and has set a BIN of $11500.

2) A nice three letter .com is on the market with a BIN of $6500. Seller has had many offers on the name including a limited time $7k offer from Shane which seller let expire.  The same seller recently sold at DNF as well.

3) Mike Cohen’s expired domains website, blog and custom WP template is for sale.  The sale does not include software, scripts or user databases. is included.  Mike has a private offer of $1500 and has set the BIN at $3000.

4) Pronounceable and brandable LLLL has a high public offer of $1200.  Seller has not posted a BIN price.

5) Another three letter .com, has a high public offer of $4000 with no set BIN.  Same seller as (see #1)

All of these sales are in the Platinum forum marketplace, which is DNForum’s most active domain marketplace.  There is the DNF Exclusive marketplace as well which is not viewable to anyone but exclusive DNF members.

Anyone like for $11,500?  I think it was sold for almost twice that amount a few years back when there was a lot of buzz going on with four letter domains after the LLLL .com buyout.

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