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Will Hipsters Care if You Buy will be sold tomorrow at the Afternic Summer Auction being held at SnapNames.  The high bid is $16.5k at the time of this post. It’s one of only five names in the auction meeting the reserve and of those it’s the only name with a bid over $2k.

The hipster subculture can be a polarizing topic and ‘hipsters’ are defined in many different ways in the U.S.  There’s the Urban Dictionary description and then there’s the Black Jeezus hipster guide.  One overwhelming conclusion about hipsters is that they are anti mainstream!  So, you have to wonder what the soon to be buyer of has planned for name?

Other names with reserves met are ($2,000), ($725), and ($300/ea). has a few bids and is sitting at $11k right now but seems to be a ways away from reserve.   Unless there are some fireworks tomorrow, looks like another far from stellar SnapNames auction.  With approx 100 .coms in the auction inventory (handful of .nets)  only 10 names have bids.

Elliot shared his picks for the auction this morning and also mentioned that since Afternic has tons of end user contacts he suspects it may be an interesting finish.  There are a lot of quality names in the auction at all reserve levels including ($500k+).  This is the first time Afternic and SnapNames/Moniker collaborated on an auction.



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