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Infographic: Six and Seven Figure Domain Name Sales 2004 – Present

I put together this infographic using data from Important to note that these are pure domain sales verified by Ron Jackson, not website + domain sales. Keep in mind these are only reported sales, there is a lot going on behind the scenes and probably just as many if not more transactions don’t get reported for various reasons.

That being said, unless there are a heap of six figure sales in the remaining three months of this year, we’re looking at a pretty sharp decline of $xxx,xxx sales in 2012. In the last weekly sales report from DNJournal, nothing even cracked the $50k mark to add to the YTD sales chart. The closest was which went for $45k.

With only one reported and verified seven figure domain sale so far this year ( $1m), the domain industry is in danger of only having a single reported million dollar sale since 2005 on the chart. I should note that DomainHoldings, a very reputable brokerage and monetization company, did mention that they have brokered two seven figure domain name sales this month as reported by Elliot Silver.

What do you think is going on here? Are high dollar domain sales in general on a decline? Or, Are fewer and fewer high dollar sales being reported?

Infographic data source:
2012 YTD Sales
2011 DN Sales Chart
2010 DN Sales Chart
2009 DN Sales Chart
2008 DN Sales Chart
2007 DN Sales Chart
2006 DN Sales Chart
2005 DN Sales Chart
2004 DN Sales Chart

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