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Time for another .TV update! Well, I keep getting emails from Fabulous.com encouraging me to ‘improve my online presence’ with a .TV domain name. Interesting that they have just recently added .TV to the short list of extensions that their registrar supports. The retail pricing at Fabulous is $49.95, with that kind of markup I doubt people are rushing to fab to grab their .TV name. Even if their vip pricing is half that, I still prefer name or dynadot where you can hand reg new .TV’s for approx $11 bucks.

Domain Name Wire posted about MLB.tv earlier this month, it just turned ten years old.  Over the last ten years Major League Baseball has been using this name to promote it’s video subscription service even though it still redirects to a page on MLB.com.  According to DNW it has delivered over 1.1 billion live video streams and serves over 1 million clips per day on average.

I have been continuing to grow my .TV portfolio as well.  A few of my recent pickups:  CarsForSale.tv, SmartScreen.tv, Ziplining.tv and Goth.tv (goth w. an investment partner).

Here is an incomplete list of some of the .TV sales reported since my last .TV spotlight post in at the end of June (thanks to allthings.tv, namepros .tv subforum and dnjournal)

hangout.tv $1,050
joy.tv $7,600
brazilian.tv $1,000
darts.tv $3,500
loaded.tv $3,250
veo.tv $10,000
xnxx.tv €7,777
raymond.tv $2,000
mycar.tv $1,565
onepiece.tv $2,400
clothing.tv $14,100
grab.tv $4,000
bern.tv $3,800
daisy.tv €900
spoon.tv $1,000
mysky.tv $2,000
afa.tv $1,500
most.tv $1,800
livegirls.tv $1,000
carnival.tv $1,060
anarchy.tv $1,250
escape.tv $2,500

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  • @Harry – Certainly some nice sales in there, although I do feel some of them are actually quite low. Curiously, xnxx.tv is a portal to a porn website run by a company VLAB Limited out of Hong Kong.

  • I agree that most of these are low. Escape.tv for $2500 and Carnival.tv for under $1100 are the ones that stick out to me. While Carnival could present a TM issue because of the cruise line, it’s the largest party season (spanning a week) in Brazil, and all of the parades are televised. Clothing.tv seems cheap, but at least it’s 5-figures, and it’s almost *too* generic to make a whole lot of sense, so I can see how it’s a good deal.

    I’m not an expert with pricing, but I honestly don’t know what some people think when they price their names. I stumbled across one of Page Howe’s names that was BIN, and I was shocked it was so low.

    Nice grab with Goth, Mike. 🙂

  • Thanks Nadia! I agree that escape and carnival we’re pretty cheap. Then you see a niche name like supercross sell for many multiples of those sale prices. Guess it depends on the seller and their negotiation tactics – Michael Berkens’ MostWantedDomains was the seller of supercross.tv.

  • I am the party guilty of selling these .tv’s too cheap (escape, carnival, anarchy, brazilian, raymond). I have dealt in .com’s since the late 90’s and only got my first .tv about a year and a half ago. I decided to experiment in .tv and .me. It has been an interesting year. TV’s are strange imo. I have picked up many good names in the last year but .tv sales are not exactly setting the world on fire so to pay renewals (which are expensive in .tv) I sell some of them when I get an offer that presents an acceptable ROI. I negotiate to the best of my ability but I am no Michael Berkens obviously.

    I am also no Rick Schwartz that can sell 1 domain a year. With my old .com’s, net’s and org’s I usually hold out for more than many might think they are worth but my .tv’s and .me’s are a fresh new influx of income and I like making deals and keeping the cash flowing. I am glad I sold these domains for a good profit – the truth is .tv’s still make me a little nervous as an investor. These represent a new income stream that I did not take advantage of before but with the loss of affiliate income I have experienced over the last few years these sales have picked up the slack and I am happy to have made them in these trying times. Selling escape.tv that I have had for about a year for $2500 is alot easier for me than selling backseat.com that I have had for about 12 years for the $2500 offers it receives – which is tempting when times are tough. I make my living on domains so I do what I have to do to “make my living on domains” and sometimes this means selling domains for less than I am sure I could get at some other point in time.

    I sold a .com 10 years ago for $10k that resold years later for 200k euros. I sold a .tv this year for $1k that sold a few months later for $20k. I sold a .com a few years back for $8k that was recently listed on a MediaOptions newsletter for $3500? I have lots of stories like this. It’s domaining folks and I do what I can to survive and make a living and it’s working for me. I am doing what I like doing and having a good time – that is what counts, right?

    BTW – I am doing much better on my .me’s than my .tv’s…

  • MarkH – Thanks so much for your insight and CONGRATS on your success selling .TV and .ME names! I definitely understand your position and while we may speculate that some names sold cheaply, the ROI and positive cash flow are paramount unless you can sit around and wait for or negotiate a much larger offer.

    I think that most .TV investors would sell the names you sold at those prices or cheaper than you did. As a .TV investor and domain blogger, it’s easy for me to say that the names we’re undersold looking at the potential of the names but again all that matters is that you were happy with the sales and made good money on them. Keep up the great work!!

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