Domain of the Day: Scared.com

scared com logoAn appropriate domain name for the upcoming Halloween holiday.  I can’t remember the last time I went to a haunted house but if I was looking for a good one in my area I would know (and remember) where to look online and it wouldn’t be Google.   The folks behind Scared.com have done a huge marketing push here in Denver.  I’ve hear at least 3 scared.com commercial ads a day.  This is a great usage for it as it’s certainly a one word .com that sticks in your head.

Besides hauntedhouse.com, a national directory, I can’t think of a better domain name to promote haunted houses locally during the month of October.  According to screenshots.com it has been a local haunted house directory since 2004.  The website is only promoted during the weeks leading up to Halloween which is reflected by the low alexa traffic rank.  It seems like there would be more ways to use the name/website during the off season but I guess the owners of the site just prefer to do the Halloween haunted house thing, they must be doing ok with it.

Great to see another one word .com being used for an actual purpose!  Actually, some of the best names in this niche are in use including scare.com, scary.com and scareme.com.  People love Halloween and being scared.

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