40 Recent ccTLD Sales From the Sedo Marketplace

Sedo.com continues to be the top marketplace for ccTLD sales racking up more a quarter million in ccTLD sales so far this month.  Doctor.co.uk lead the pack with a 24,999 GBP sale (approx 40K USD).   The .co.uk extension saw several other very strong sales including content and keno which both attained five figure sales.

Italy’s ccTLD had some big splashes recently with two big five figure sales as well.  There were only one .us and .co sale each to speak of.  Engineering.co went for $13k which I think is actually a little cheap.  The lone .us sale was Feedback.us which is curiously now owned by a Lebanese company, DigitaLeb.  Sales data from Sedo Market Activity page.

brasile.it €15,601
street.in €2,200
insoul.de €2,000
ristorante.it €19,500
escocia.es €1,500
keno.co.uk £9,000
8seconds.cn $10,000
casualclub.fr €1,000
draft.eu €2,400
cloud.im $2,000
doctor.co.uk £24,999
ble.at €6,000
content.co.uk £10,100
ferodo.it €1,000
ksb.lv €2,000
anpr.co.uk £5,500
sterling.co.uk $12,000
feedback.us $4,500
engineering.co $13,000
rally.de €2,500
online-casinos.at €24,000
motocross.gr €1,500
elektronikdienstleister.de €2,000
ejp.nl €7,250
heritage.eu $3,710
porntube.it $3,500
odysso.de €5,950
getoutofdebt.co.uk £3,990
ubv.it €1,400
planten.nl €14,000
puntobanca.it £5,000
workwear.nl €5,099
millenco.co.uk £2,300
koop.be €2,000
blue.es €3,000
bubbly.co.uk £3,200
photobox.cn €5,000
pizza24.dk €2,000
adtv.cn $1,100
uhr.se €4,600

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