Do You Love Promo Codes?

GoDaddy constantly puts out new promo codes that save me a lot of money when buying, transferring and renewing domain names.  GoDaddy is not the only domain registrar that uses coupon codes for discounts on domain services, however, it does give out the most aggressive coupon codes in the domain space. There are even $1 domain registration codes release from time to time.

A new advertiser on NameTalent.com, iLovePromoCodes.com has recently launched a comprehensive GoDaddy promo code resource. The most recent code gives buyers a GoDaddy coupon for a $2.95 .COM registration.

There’s no doubt that domainers appreciate and take advantage of these kinds of promo codes. Bookmark the iLovePromoCodes.com website and check back before you make purchases on GoDaddy to make sure you’re saving the most money possible!

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