Namepros Forum DDOS Problems Continue

A recurring problem with NamePros over the last couple years, database error.. database error.. database error.  It looks like more DDOS attacks. This popular domain forum suffers from more DDOS attacks than any other domain industry website it seems. I have a couple open transactions there on names I’m buying so it’s a little frustrating.

It’s been on and off for at least the last couple days.  I was able to reach the site temporarily today to see Administrator Eric Lyon posted a thread about the issue:

Please bear with us, we have been getting hit hard with (possible) ddos attacks the last couple days on & off and still trying to block all the sources. Every time we seem to get it under control they switch to different ip ranges and start it again. It’s very annoying I agree and we are working behind the scenes to try and eliminate this.

The first set of attacks appeared to be stemming from some of the chinese software bot spammers that were banned in the last 3 / 4 days. It was as if their software turned on at 10pm & ran till 1am pelting the servers trying to regain access automatically over & over sending hundreds of queries per second each.

Later, the incidents started happening at different times on & off with a few stable patches in between. So now we aren’t sure if its chinese bot software’s, a targeted malicious attack, or maybe something else.

Hopefully we’ll be able to get all this resolved soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for understanding.

Eric Lyon

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