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In an earlier post I looked at the Namecheap Game of Deals promotion Black Friday 2018 promotion. This time I take a look at what have to offer, and I like what I found! 

How It Works have some pretty great prices on attractive domain extensions, and their sale runs from Nov 23 to 26, 2018.  Note that you need to use the code CYBERMONDAY to get the deals and that a maximum of 10 domains in total can be registered at the promotional rates.  The promotion  applies only to new registrations (not transfers or renewals). You can get full details of the promotion at this link.

Note that you need to use the code CYBERMONDAY to get the deals and you are limited to 10 domains in total at the promotional prices.

The Deals are offering domains in $0.50, $0.99, $1.99, $2.99 and $8.99 price categories, with the majority in the $0.99 group, during this Black Friday – Cyber Monday promotion. Legacy .com/.net/.org TLDs are not part of the promotion.

While personal tastes will differ, based on traditional prices for the TLDs these are among my favourites from the promotion.

  • .xyz for $0.50
  • .design for $0.99
  • .info for $0.99
  • .online for $0.99
  • .pro for $0.99
  • .co for $2.99

For those who invest in .biz, they have a great deal in that ($1.99), particularly considering the recent price increase in that extension (the wholesale price is now about $10). They are offering .nyc at $8.99 during the promotion, a bit better than other offers currently available. You can see the complete list of promotion extensions at this link.


As we commented earlier, Black Friday / Cyber Monday is a good opportunity to diversify your portfolio into some extensions you don’t normally invest in.  As always, carefully evaluate any domain name acquisition.  You can use TLD-list to see how good these deals are compared to best rates typically available in these extensions.

Which do I like better, the Namecheap Game of Deals offers or these from  Well we don’t know all of the details (such as the specific TLDs and prices) yet from Namecheap, but based on last year it is likely they will have greater diversity in offerings, a few with deeper discounts.  However, the simplicity of the offer and the fact that you can access it anytime during the promotion is attractive. I doubt that anyone will have better deals on .xyz and .pro than these deeply discounted prices.

The simplicity of the offer and the flexibility of being able to access it anytime during the promotion is attractive. The deals on .xyz, .info and .pro are particularly impressive. 

I have tried out the promotion to pick up 10 domains at reduced prices.  The system worked smoothly for me.  If you are a  new customer, as I was, you will need to confirm your contact details with both a SMS message and a confirmation email.  Note that the domains are automatically added with an extra cost for their premium security package, so you will need to look at the shopping cart and take that off (unless you want it).  Also, don’t forget to add the coupon CYBERMONDAY and confirm that prices have been adjusted.  They show prices in your country’s  currency, but the final charges will be in US dollars at the stated rates. 

But really, why choose?  Why not take full advantage of both! I plan to become a customer for the first time and take advantage of the promotion, but hope to snag a good number of coupons at Namecheap, one of my favourite registrars, too. Keep in mind the 10 domain limit in this promotion, so choose wisely!

Disclosure: I have no association with the company, and was not encouraged or compensated by them to write this article. There are no affiliate links in the article. 

Edit:  I added a few more details after I had become a customer and taken advantage of the promotion.

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  • Hi domainer,
    Thanks for your comment, but in the Namecheap system you can get one coupon within each hour of the promotion (new deals at top of each hour). Therefore in theory you could get 24 + 24 (Black Friday + Cyber Monday) coupons and domains assuming that you are up all the time 🙂 and fast at catching them! We don’t know yet but only a few of them will involve .com. With the you can get 10 in total (although .com is not part of their promotion as announced so none would be .com). Both and Namecheap promotions are good in my opinion.

  • If it is the same as last year they will have superb offers on hosting for those who do not already have an active hosting plan. We should find out in only an hour or two from now!

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