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An Unreported 5 Figure APP Domain Sale

When I was using GoDaddy GoValue® last night I stumbled upon the report of a major sale in the .app extension that does not appear to have been reported in NameBio or other standard sources.

The domain name is and it is listed as a sale of >$25,000. GoValue do not report precise values above that level, nor do they give the venue or date, although it is likely to have been on Afternic or possibly GoDaddy.

NameBio list sales >$100, with the largest being at $30,000 and the second is at $15,000. Therefore this sale, if it were on NameBio, would be at least the second largest and quite possibly the largest confirmed .app domain name sale.

This sale, if it were on NameBio, would be at least the second largest and quite possibly the largest confirmed .app domain name sale.

Domain Tools shows that the domain name was created on May 5, 2018 (therefore prior to general availability at standard prices). The domain name has undergone 9 changes on 7 different name servers, supposedly reflecting landers and now the end use.

The domain name resolves to an operating website for  a travel site operated by Nomad Technologies Ltd., a UK based business that produce both a magazine and an iOS app. 

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine only show a single capture, but it establishes that at least in February, 2019 the domain name was in use by the current owners. Therefore the sale to the end user was at least that long ago.

There have been unconfirmed reports of much larger .app domain aftermarket sales in China. 

In addition to the 41 sales above $100 in the publicly available NameBio database, the subscriber only access shows another 78 sales of less than $100, many of them recently prior to first renewal. 

If you have additional details on the sale that you can share, please do so in the comments to this article.

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