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TIP: One Way to Assemble a Paired Exact Match Domain Portfolio

In an earlier NameTalent post I covered the recent major sale of a matched pair of domain names. This post covers a way to assemble a small portfolio of paired domains at minimal cost and effort.

In the related discussion thread at NamePros on the topic of matched exact pairs, one objection raised was that in most cases domains that could be obtained in Name1.Name2 structure probably were long ago taken in, at least if the combination is potentially valuable.

It occurred to me this morning that those who want to assemble a small portfolio of paired names could do so without much effort or cost according to the following strategy.

  1. NamePros member posts each day at NamePros and at a list of domain names at closeout.  
  2. One can fairly quickly browse the closeout list looking for domain names that end in one of the new domain extensions (or generic country code ones such as AI) – i.e. have a structure
  3. Of course one needs to first be familiar with all of the domain extensions. A nice alphabetical text list of extensions is provided by ICANN.
  4. If you feel the domain name is worthwhile, then check whether the other pair of the match is available and at what cost. Take into account both acquisition and holding cost. Many new and alternative extensions have a much lower first year cost. Regarding holding cost there are often huge differences in new extension renewal rates at different registrars, so check a source such as TLD-List.  If you find the pair worthwhile, then try to acquire both parts, one at closeout cost and one at registration fee.

This post is not intended as domain investment advice that matched exact pairs, or any other strategy, is a worthwhile idea, necessarily. Rather, it is a way to do it with minimal cost and effort if you have first decided that it is something you want to do.

Hats off to for the amazing job he does each day in providing the closeout lists. If you do use his lists at NamePros or, as a courtesy consider using the affiliate links to the domain names, so that he gets some payback for his hard work.  

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