Happening Today, the Domain Investor Community, and More Frequent NameTalent Posts

What is happening today and recently in the domain investor community, along with a commitment to post more frequently to NameTalent going forward.

Let me start by clarifying that I don’t own NameTalent. I do feel honoured to have the opportunity to write for NameTalent, and to follow in the footsteps of Mike, who wrote so many great articles here in the early years. Other people own the site, handle all the technical aspects, as well as any promotion and administrative work.  

Today’s Date

When I visited the NameTalent site today, it was a surprise to me, like you, to see the little helper over on the right hand column, and perhaps elsewhere. But then I realized the date, and it all makes sense.  April Fools was a fun tradition in our family, often extending for weeks just to keep Mom and Dad on their toes. 

I suspect that domain-related April Fool activities will be muted this year, amidst all of the dire news, and I totally understand and share that view. Still, arguments can be made that having light-hearted moments can help maintain emotional balance in tough times.

Certainly there has been some date-specific fun circulating around the domain world. On LinkedIn Rolf Larsen announced the $185,000 acquisition of the domain name top.desk

Some over at NamePros thought the sale was real, until others pointed out that the .desk extension does not exist! That probably tells us something about the number of new extensions we have. Or as someone said, the extension does not exist, yet.

NamePros Changes

NamePros has been updating, or backdating, their banner and template. The change has received discussion by those asking is this for real, or, given the timing, is it an April Fool’s initiative. I don’t know, but after one day, I am beginning to like the move. You can vote on which you prefer.

Recently. another change at NamePros, one that has been in the works for some time, and is definitely not an April Fool, is the addition of new choices for commenting on a post. While the Like / Thank / Dislike that have been around for some time continue, you can also now in addition select Agree / Disagree. The idea is that disagree simply says you feel differently, without the negative connotation of dislike. I think the move makes sense – the moderators explain the new system in this post.

More NameTalent Posts Going Forward

Maybe this is a good time to apologize for how infrequently I have posted of late to NameTalent. I commit  to you to do better going forward. And that is no April Fool. I have many half-done posts, and I will commit to actually getting them finished and published. Thanks to all who keep reading NameTalent despite the sporadic timing of new material.

As many know, I write at NamePros Blog as well, and thank you to all who have followed, and commented, on my writing there. Recent articles there include deep dives into three-four-word .com sales, and .org extension sales in 2019, thoughts on domain name investing in economically troubled times, resources for those starting out in domain name investing, and how NamePros acts as a never-ending domain conference

The Domain Investor Community

The community of domain investors is appreciated now more than ever. Michael Cyger of DN Academy has initiated a free Friday afternoon (on west coast of North America) Zoom domain investor quarantine social hour.  It is a great way to stay in touch – you can see the video of the most recent one here.

There are many sections of NamePros where people are reaching out to help others. For example, there is a thread started by NameDeck to simply check-in and say you are okay, or if not share your situation.

In these stressful times, stay safe, keep thinking of ways you can support others, and maintain as much balance as possible in your life.

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Bob Hawkes

Domain analyst and commentator with particular interests in quantitative analysis, new uses for domain names, nontraditional end users, and bridging the gap between the domain community and end users. Background in science, research, education, outreach and communications, as well as almost two decades running a small home-based business. My first domain name acquisition was 2001. I hold a modest domain portfolio with legacy, country code and new extensions. Based in western Canada, but my domain outlook is global! My goal is to provide fresh insights and an evidence-based balanced outlook on the domain industry.

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