What Domain ‘Niche’ Do You Invest/Trade In?

Are you a speculator a .mobi supporter, a .tv’er? Do you invest in ccTLD’s, IDN’s and or geo domains? Every ‘domainer’ has his/her favorite domain niches that they are most comfortable investing and trading in. If you are having trouble following this post refer to the domainers glossary. My most active niches are below in order:

1. Two word .com /.nets
2. One and two word gTLD and ccTLD
3. Short domains .com, net, org
4. Poker domains .com, net, org, us

My portfolio is usually hovering between 100-200 domains so I don’t invest heavily in any particular niche. I would certainly prefer to be trading premium one word .coms, and other big ticket domains. I had the opportunity back in 2001 when I started dabbling in domain names but I was not focused properly on which types of names to invest in. Now, eight years later (seven of which I spent very little time domaining) I invest a lot of time buying, flipping and collecting domain names. When I buy a name it usually falls into one of the categories listed above.

The last two years I have been collecting domains in a few different niches so I don’t look back in eight years again and want to kick myself in the butt! I am always looking for a good domain name that matches well with a niche that I may not have a domain in yet.

So, what niche do you like to buy, sell and trade in?

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  • i am very much interested in Directories Niche looking for good domain names …Hope I will get it soon.


    i am trying for dont know the price but i am talking to with that person.

  • I am very much into 4 letter domain names. I like them simply because they are cheap and are having good potential for a quick sale. But i am planning to invest in domains as well.

  • I like to buy 5 letter .coms which are brandable and I have a couple of poker domains, most notably

  • I dont really see the appeal of short unless they spell a word, they are generally worth less, but they do make good url shortners for twittet.

    I personally go for keyword domains, there are a lot of gems out there if you do a bit of research with Google Keywords Tool and a few other internet keyword research tools, generally good keyword domains are worth a LOT more than a short or domain.

  • I like small and snappy domain names but are quite pricey but if something catches my eye I try to get.

    Domain prices have been going up but demand is low because of the economic climate, but it will get better.

  • I prefer investing in pronounceable, one word dot com and some in

    Ps: I invest on emerging country one word dot com πŸ˜€

  • nice article…
    I like invest domain names,and then sell thats domain name.
    I prefer investing unique domain names and easy to remember.

  • I like to buy those two domains because they are very popular nowadays. They can be used in many categories and are also comercial.

  • I’m a little different to the majority of domainers in that I don’t actually domain. I’m more of a developer I suppose. I buy a domain when I have an idea for it, and if I happen to get bored of that idea and sell the domain to make a little money, that’s a nice side effect.

  • I, right now, like my money invested in and few as well. I have some names, but they are not so great πŸ™ I’m planning to sell them for cheap $$

  • Nice responses, thanks! Looks like we have some similar interests πŸ˜‰

    I’ve just bought a couple poker and great keyword 2 word .coms I am happy with.

    The .im extension was just released yesterday. Anyone gonna grab some of those?

  • Pretty much 100% focused on .us domains for the last 3yrs or so.

    Have some great names, sold some good names πŸ™‚

    It’s actually quite easy to get good .us names for decent prices.

    I have just over 800 .us at this time.

  • One area i really like is the .us domains. I think there is an increase in interest recently, but there are still a lot of bargains for .us domain names.

  • I am not much into domaining as of now but i would definitely prefer two word .com if the two words are highly targetted keywords and not numbers specially like people use 2 instead of two and 4 instead of four so I don’t like such domain names πŸ™‚


  • What I have started to invest in are domains that I can develop. So they have to be keyword strong but they can be in different extensions. You can find some great keywords in some .biz domains. Once you’ve done your SEO work the domain/website starts to make some cash.

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