News and Attain Six Figure Sales… Each sold for $500,000 and sold for $100,000 to start out July top reported sales at The sale is in the top ten sales of the year at number six.

What I found interesting was other reported sales, specifically the and .net sales. I listed ones I found in Ron’s sales report at below. $14,100 $5,188 $41,101 $5,000 $3,000 $3,000 $2,350 $3,000 $2,088 $1,437 $1,000 $1,447

I thought there were some really nice sales and just a couple bargains ( being the best bargain). I am happy to see a strong CVCV .net sale with going for $3k. was a great sale for both buyer and seller IMO (see Sikh meaning).  The LL+tv and tv+LL coms and nets are starting to fetch nice sales on a regular basis. The two nice sales of ‘tv’ domains above ( and confirm that they are solid letters to have in your LLLL domains.

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  • Great job, will you share with us how and where we gonna sale 4L dot net? Coz i got some of them and need to sell it fast.

  • That is some high value sales! But I am quite surprised that and didn’t sell for more. Especially, I would put it at at least 65k+. I think the buyer of that got a good deal!

  • Lolz, i didnt knew that there could be a domain like for sale. i wonder if theres something like or 😛

  • I can not believe that timemanagement sold for that much. Someone must really want to brand their business with that domain. You could SEO any other site to rank for those keywords.

  • Thats a great piece of information. Thanks for sharing. Its a blow to the common myth that only 3 letter domains sells for that price.

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