Google Wave – Open Source Communication and Collaborative Resource Tool

Google has recently introduced their newest project, “Google Wave”. Dubbed as the “twitter killer” by some, this great tool has TONS of uses. The GW (Google Wave) platform is an open system of communication and is completely open source. Google made this open source so that developers can add new tools to the already very advanced GW platform.

Below is a video from the developer preview IO convention. The video previews most of the functions of GW platform. I have outlined many of the main points with the time reference in parentheses for you in case you don’t want to watch the 1.5 hour video, although I do recommend watching the complete video.

Google Wave

– completely open source, html5
– needs developers to integrate other platforms ie.. facebook, twitter, personal webpages

– split email conversations (9:30)
– live transmission, character by character (10:35)
– add new user to email conversation (12:15)
– playback tool (13:20)
– embedding API’s thru GW (19:15)
– GW on mobile (25:33)
– collaborative editing (29:00) and (36:45)
– organizing waves (40:50)
– extend GW functionality (43:30)
– spell checking + context spell checking (44:17)
– collaborative gaming (51:30)
– integrating social platforms (57:30)


I don’t think this will be a “twitter killer” or any other social platform killer at all. However, google is moving towards aggregating all of your useful sites into one platform. All of this info is a bit too much for me to analyze in just one day, but GW looks like a next generation tool that makes ones internet experience much more “seamless”. Launching late 2009, keep an eye out for the huge splash Google Wave will make on the net.

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  • Very interesting info. Thanks for sharing! I am impressed with all of the new tools Google is coming up with. I was recently informed of 1-800-GOOG-411 and I love it! It’s a great free tool and it doesn’t kick you off when it doesn’t understand what you’re saying. 😉

  • Thanks for the comment Canukgal!

    I actually have never used 1-800-goog-411 and only heard of it because my girlfriend told me about it ;

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  • Google Wave is probably one of the most important technologies that Google will ever release, the Wave protocol has the power to replace email as the most prominent form of communication on the internet.

    By creating an open protocol Google is allowing 3rd party developers to extent each ‘Wave’ with new functionality, for this reason I cant wait to try it out and build some apps for Google Wave.

  • First time I’ve heard this! Thanks!

    Google are always trying to compete and they want be a monopoly but it won’t be a twitter killer as twitter is much more simpler and easy to use but I’m going keep an eye on this. Lots of times Google has done big come backs!

  • I heard about this last month some time and think that, after it’s been around for a few years, it’ll be fast catching up with email as the main form of online communication. I don’t expect it to overtake email, unless it becomes as easy to create a wave through a script as it is to send an email, and it’ll be a little overkill for password reset requests and their ilk.
    However, for general conversations I could see this working out great. It’s a very exciting new technology.

  • This is a giant move by Google. i just saw the preview of Google’s wave and i am thrilled. But, from when it will be available for use?

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  • awesome post man, i didnt knew that google had something known as Google Wave (a.k.a. Twitter Killer)
    i liked the mobile feature. it would be awesome if mail alerts could be sent as mobile sms’es !

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