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Featuring another .us domain name today, this one is HUGE! Candy.us is a spectacular domain name owned by Brad Mugford, over at DataCube.com. As you probably know by now, Candy.com sold for $3 million dollars this year to a candy producer here in the United States. Combine that nice sale with the recent surge in popularity of premium .us domain names and it looks like Brad has a real winner here!



This super premium domain name is for sale, but only to the right offer. There are tentative development plans for the domain if no sale occurs. Since the blockbuster sale of Candy.com, type in traffic to Candy.us has been on the rise steadily. It is at 10m in Alexa and climbing.

Also, Candy is a highly competitive keyword as is shown by the 850+ Google keyword sponsors, and the following monthly search volume for the term: Phrase – 16.6M | Exact – 1.2M

Ultimately, the best domain name for a business to own is the top generic term in .com and their respective countries ccTLD, .US in this case. A one word ccTLD like Candy.us would have the same SEO power in the target demographic as their .com counterpart making it a very powerful tool for online commerce.

Judging by the sales data of similar single word .US domains this one has massive potential. Here is a list of a few one word .us sales:

> Job.us – $35,225
> Taxi.us – $35,000
> Models.us – $30,000
> Jew.us – $29,500
> Baseball.us – $25,000
> Voip.us – $25,000
> Nashville.us – $23,000
> Foods.us – $20,000

We wish Brad all the best with his HOT domain name, Candy.us. Keep us posted on your progress with it! If anyone would like to submit a premium domain name for article review go ahead and send it over along with some stats or data about your domain.

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  • WOW $3 million for the .com! Also, I can’t believe Models.us sold for only $30,000 compared to the other names in that list. Candy.us seems like it would also have lots of potential buyers.

  • It would have sold for more if it was .com. But $3 is still a milestone. Single worded domains are doing really well and in the future it will go for much much more! Candy.us in my opinion is a universal domain can be used for pretty much anything!

  • Wow, I wonder how these domainers get so lucky. I wish I could, once in my lifetime get a chance to register a million dollar domain name.

  • Wow, I’m surprised that Candy.US hasn’t even been offered $1 million. It’s a good thing Brad has secured hundreds of domains to sell to potential customers. No doubt he has some friends pushing his products even if the domain is not as good as Candy.COM

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